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    1. May 26, 2015

      US economic recovery masks tale of many cities

      Nearly half of the biggest US metropolitan areas have yet to recoup all the lost jobs from the Great Recession and almost a...

    2. May 21, 2015

      Free Lunch: Slice your cake and grow it too

      Dilemma dismantled? It is another nail in the coffin for the idea that inequality is the price we must pay for economic...

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    1. Special Report - Renminbi: The Global Challenge

    2. The New Africa

      From Senegal to Kenya and from Morocco to Mozambique, Africa is enjoying an era of eco...
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    1. beyondbrics

      April 23, 2015

      China's state enterprise reform: bigger, yes, but better?

      As the Chinese economy posts its slowest growth in six years, major reforms to China’s state-owned enterprises are now in...

    2. FT Alphaville

      April 17, 2015

      Guest post: The Euro and the IMF Now

      Here’s former IMF staffer Peter Doyle , with some bold advice from the wings of the IMF Spring meetings… Wolfgang Schäuble...

    3. April 14, 2015

      Lack of vocational education stifles US mobility

      If Torres Hughes had grown up in his part of the west side of Chicago in the 1960s or 1970s, manufacturing would have been a...

    4. April 12, 2015

      Global recovery at risk of stalling

      The global economy is mired in a “stop and go” recovery “at risk of stalling again”, according to the latest Brookings...

    5. March 4, 2015

      Londoners back greater fiscal devolution

      Most of London’s businesses, councils and public support more fiscal devolution for the capital, according to the first...

    6. The World

      February 12, 2015

      After Minsk - why the 'arms to Ukraine' debate will continue

      If the Minsk II agreement reached between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany can secure a ceasefire and save...

    7. Gavyn Davies

      October 10, 2014

      It's Draghi versus Weidmann on ECB QE

        © CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images Last week’s press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi left the markets disappointed...

    8. FT Alphaville

      October 9, 2014

      Draghi flips Keynes

      From the opening to Mario Draghi’s speech at the Brookings Institution on Thursday: As I was preparing these comments, I...

    9. FT Alphaville

      October 6, 2014

      Government debt and monetary policy

      A new paper by several Harvard economists, including former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, argues that a little more than...

    10. October 5, 2014

      Global recovery is stalling, index signals

      The global economic recovery is stalling and too reliant on the US, according to the latest Brookings Institution-Financial...

    11. October 5, 2014

      Job creation critical to prevent social unrest in Africa

      “Where are the jobs?” The question was raised by a PhD student during a meeting this year of African finance ministers and...

    12. FT Alphaville

      September 17, 2014

      The fatal flaw that could doom the European project

      There have been many failed attempts to unify the European continent by force. More recently, politicians have tried to do...

    13. September 12, 2014

      The billionaires bending American politics to their will

      The billionaire Koch family members, outspoken on a host of Republican causes, have lately begun discussing something...

    14. The World

      August 26, 2014

      Are 12 million Americans living on less than $2 a day?

      The biggest development story of the last two decades has been the vast reduction in the number of the world’s extreme poor...

    15. August 13, 2014

      A hug cannot heal US split over Iraq

      Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan to “hug out” their differences at a mutual friend’s birthday party in the old-money...

    16. August 7, 2014

      China natural gas growth faces hurdles

      Rising incomes, rapid urbanisation and concerns over the toxic smog that enshrouds many of China’s cities is driving the...

    17. July 16, 2014

      US recovery could test healthcare gains

      Hopes that the US is finally tackling its most difficult long-term fiscal challenge – the growth in healthcare spending –...

    18. beyondbrics

      July 15, 2014

      Colombia: vote of confidence for finance minister

      Recently re-elected Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos starts his second term in less than a month. As he won the...

    19. July 1, 2014

      Erdogan looks to make natural progression to presidency

      Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, launched his campaign for the presidency on Tuesday, vowing to be an activist...

    20. FT Alphaville

      June 10, 2014

      The growth of US student loan debt: causes and consequences

      The chart from Goldman economists breaks down the various causes behind the rapid expansion of student loan growth in the...

    21. June 4, 2014

      Prisoner swap reveals Guantánamo dilemma

      The hearing from Guantánamo Bay comes to life with the flicker on a television screen in faraway Washington, displaying a...

    22. May 9, 2014

      World Bank eyes biggest global poverty line increase in decades

      The World Bank is considering the biggest increase in two decades of its global poverty line after calculations of the size...

    23. beyondbrics

      April 16, 2014

      The "Fragile Middle" - Your Guide to the FT Series

      We at the FT have this week been running a series on the “Fragile Middle”, defined as some 2.8bn middle class people in...

    24. April 8, 2014

      Robertson warns on Scottish independence

      George Robertson, a former Nato secretary-general and Labour defence minister, has warned that if his Scottish homeland...

    25. Money Supply

      April 6, 2014

      Global recovery strengthens, but risks remain

      Guest post by Eswar Prasad, Karim Foda, and Arnav Sahu on the latest Brookings Institution-Financial Times Tracking Indices...

    26. April 6, 2014

      Global economic recovery ‘hinges on reforms’

      The recovery in the world’s leading economies is strengthening but concerted action by governments is needed to rebuild lost...

    27. April 4, 2014

      Why long-term unemployment matters

      “Quantity has a quality of its own.” Whether or not Stalin ever said this about the Red Army, it is true of being out of...

    28. February 17, 2014

      Border set to divide opinion at US-Mexico summit

      President Barack Obama’s visit to Mexico this week will highlight conflicting visions of the US-Mexican border as either a...

    29. December 20, 2013

      Maid in Manhattan drama exposes rift

      Caught between fury in India at the arrest of one of its diplomats in New York and an unapologetic US Attorney in Manhattan,...

    30. December 17, 2013

      Spy ruling sets up a fight and a dilemma for Obama

      A federal court ruling that the bulk collection of US telephone data is unconstitutional has set up a high-stakes legal...

    31. December 2, 2013

      Food stamps at the centre of US reform battle

      America’s most important welfare programme is at the centre of a political tug-of-war as a leading think tank called for...

    32. October 15, 2013

      A golden era fades as South America faces its crossroads

      South America’s golden years are over. The commodity boom has peaked and the region no longer enjoys the abundant capital it...

    33. October 6, 2013

      Global economy ‘back on track’

      Surging business confidence in rich countries has put the global economy “back on track” to resume a steady recovery,...

    34. September 11, 2013

      Dilemma over Syria policy threatens to undermine Barack Obama

      Designed as a call to arms, Barack Obama’s nationally televised address about the need to strike against Syria had turned...

    35. September 8, 2013

      China takes the lead in oil M&A activity

      When it comes to dealmaking in the global oil industry, all eyes are on the east. National oil companies – known as NOCs –...

    36. September 4, 2013

      Syria debate opens way for libertarian Paul

      For the next week, at least, Senator Rand Paul finds himself as the effective leader of the opposition. Since the start of...

    37. August 30, 2013

      UK vote on Syria leaves Obama all but alone on military action

      There was a time in Washington 10 years ago when US leaders loved to turn the television on to watch the British parliament,...

    38. August 5, 2013

      Obama presses for US-Africa trade pact to be renewed

      President Barack Obama is mounting an early push to extend a trade pact with sub-Saharan African countries set to expire in...

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