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    1. 6 hours ago

      EU referendum rivals woo UK press barons

      The last time Britons voted in a European referendum, the press sent out an unequivocal message. “Vote YES for...

    2. February 5, 2016

      David Cameron heads for Europe as poll shows growing support for Brexit

      David Cameron woke up on Friday to a poll suggesting a 9-point lead for the Out camp ahead of the referendum on...

    1. February 3, 2016

      Cameron’s EU deal lambasted by UK press

      British prime minister David Cameron faced a growing backlash to the draft EU deal on Wednesday, with the UK press...

    2. February 3, 2016

      Cameron’s EU deal: what the UK has — and has not — secured

      David Cameron is claiming that his draft EU deal delivers the “substantial change” he wanted to see in Britain’s...

    3. January 28, 2016

      Daily Mail owner hit by fall in print and online advertising

      The publisher of the Daily Mail has reported a further slowdown in advertising, but analysts cheered the lack of a...

    4. Fast FT

      January 28, 2016

      Daily Mail online growth still surging

      MailOnline has continued its surging growth, but is still not offsetting the decline of print advertising at the Daily...

    5. Fast FT

      January 28, 2016

      Daily Mail to raise cover price

      Bad news, Mail fans: The cost of your Monday-to-Friday daily fix is set to rise to 65 pence, from 60 pence, starting...

    6. January 27, 2016

      Rebekah Brooks rewards phone-hacking trial lawyer

      Rebekah Brooks has appointed the lawyer who successfully defended her from phone-hacking allegations as the general...

    7. January 26, 2016

      Financial Conduct Authority: Andrew Bailey in 10 quotes

      Andrew Bailey, the new chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, has served at the Bank of England since 1985...

    8. Fast FT

      January 13, 2016

      Daily Mail and General Trust CEO to leave in 2016

      Martin Morgan is to step down as chief executive of Daily Mail and General Trust at the end of 2016, after eight years...

    9. Fast FT

      December 24, 2015

      PostNL shares deliver further gains amid bid chat

      Could Royal Mail deliver a significant acquisition in the New Year? Shares in PostNL, the Dutch postal operator, are...

    10. FT Alphaville

      December 14, 2015

      Stealing London houses

      Max Hastings, veteran war reporter, historian, writer, editor and all-round British institution, recounted the most...

    11. FT Alphaville

      November 20, 2015

      Here's that Imperial Tobacco RAW in full

      Frankly, we’re sick of this. You are too, most likely. None of us wants to spend another day being strafed by rumour,...

    12. November 11, 2015

      Brexit gains spur David Cameron to shift tone on Europe

      David Cameron’s big speech on Europe this week may have been carefully nuanced but, to his eurosceptic critics, it...

    13. October 22, 2015

      Content paywalls on the agenda for digital news sites

      There was a time not long ago when the news business was a roaring economic success. Newspapers sold millions of...

    14. October 1, 2015

      Snapchat to launch sponsored selfies

      Snapchat is preparing to launch a new advertising format that will allow brands to slip in to teenagers’ selfies, as it...

    15. September 24, 2015

      Store wars help DMGT ad revenues to bounce back

      Daily Mail and General Trust has signalled a rebound in supermarket advertising, but reported further struggles at its...

    16. FT Alphaville

      August 19, 2015

      Smoking African Pot

      We should know better than to write about a company that currently ranks as the No1 topic of investor bulletin board...

    17. FT Alphaville

      July 23, 2015

      Markets Live: Thursday, 23rd July, 2015

      This Markets Live session ended at 12:06 on 23 Jul 2015. Participants in this session were: Paul Murphy, Dan McCrum,...

    18. July 5, 2015

      Osborne to raid BBC coffers to pay for over-75s TV licences

      George Osborne is aiming to raid the BBC’s finances to help pay for £12bn of welfare cuts in this week’s Budget, amid...

    19. June 25, 2015

      Dr Phil and MailOnline partner to ‘reinvent television’

      US talk show host Dr Phil has pledged to “reinvent television”, after revealing a deal to turn MailOnline, one of the...

    20. FT Alphaville

      June 12, 2015

      Further Reading

      Elsewhere on Friday… - Lets just try it out, shall we. Oh… - More fun with wages (for Monopsonists) - The life of a...

    21. FT Alphaville

      June 2, 2015

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Tuesday, - Never speak to an officer from a three-letter agency without a lawyer. (Suppressed) - How...

    22. March 30, 2015

      Watchdog probes sale of financial data

      The UK’s data watchdog is investigating claims that financial details of thousands of people approaching retirement has...

    23. Off Message

      March 13, 2015

      Get out of the kitchen(s)

      Perhaps it’s because it’s Friday, but the big story of the day is related to kitchens. Sarah Vine, a Daily Mail...

    24. December 19, 2014

      Richard Desmond explores sale of Daily Express

      Richard Desmond is exploring a sale of the Daily Express, in what would amount to the biggest British national...

    25. December 3, 2014

      News organisations ‘go native’ to find new source of ad revenue

      At first glance, it looks like a typical news story on the Mail Online website: “Beaten and starved, 40-year-old man...

    26. November 25, 2014

      Zoopla revenues rise ahead of rival’s launch

      Online property portal Zoopla’s audience has increased by a third in the past year, helping to boost its revenues by 24...

    27. Off Message

      November 18, 2014

      Everyone is 'attempting to out-Ukip Ukip'

      The Labour party has new policies on EU migrants and benefits, writes Rachel Reeves in the Daily Mail. The shadow work...

    28. September 24, 2014

      Daily Mail and News Corp settle copied-stories dispute

      Does MailOnline copy Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, or vice versa? The world may never know. The two publishers have...

    29. July 1, 2013

      Blue-blood’s veins run with printer’s ink

      Jonathan Harmsworth, fourth Viscount Rothermere, is the fourth generation of his family to run DMGT. He became chairman...

    30. June 30, 2013

      Mail Online pilots editorial links to fashion retailers

      Mail Online, the most visited newspaper website in the world, has begun rolling out an affiliate marketing initiative...

    31. April 25, 2013

      Three newspaper groups propose rival press regulation system

      Three newspaper groups have rejected the cross-party proposals for regulation of the press agreed last month and...

    32. March 27, 2013

      The Sun to charge readers for online access

      News International plans to start charging readers for online access to The Sun this summer, making the UK’s...

    33. March 25, 2013

      Mail Online traffic dip fails to dent DMGT

      Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) has reported a short-term fall in traffic to its flagship website, but said it...

    34. March 11, 2013

      Progress on press regulation elusive

      Talks between the three main party leaders on the Leveson proposals for press regulation are at risk of collapsing,...

    35. FT Tech Hub

      December 3, 2012

      The Daily's numbers just didn't add up

      Rupert Murdoch on Monday said he was closing The Daily, the iPad-only newspaper launched with great fanfare in February...

    36. November 22, 2012

      DMGT – canny strategy

      It is not obvious from reading its most famous product, but Daily Mail and General Trust is almost an American company....

    37. June 20, 2012

      Press regulation ideas published

      The chairman of the industry body that funds existing press regulation said on Wednesday that a revamped Press...

    38. May 22, 2012

      Mandelson points finger at Morgan’s Mirror

      Lord Mandelson told the Leveson inquiry on Monday that Piers Morgan’s Daily Mirror had commissioned a private detective...

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