The Amazon Economy

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has changed the way that global consumers go shopping.

Amazon tax probe to go ahead, EU warns

Decision to report sales will have no bearing on inquiry

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Explore how variations in key assumptions can change Amazon’s potential market value and share price
Warehouse to powerhouse
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Amazon: buying loyalty

Membership programme still is not big enough

Amazon starts to book UK sales in Britain

Shift over Luxembourg deal brings revenues in reach of taxman

Germany curbs union powers after strikes

Concern that labour relations have fallen to ‘English conditions’

online shopping advertising

YouTube to allow users to buy within ads

Consumers will be able to link to brand websites in one click

China IT: home cooking

There is froth in Chinese tech shares, but huge potential for real growth too

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Amazon trolleys take NY subway ride

Parcels delivered to Manhattan customers via underground trains

Stakes high as Walmart takes on Amazon

Battle between giants will probably hurt other online rivals

Woody Allen’s newest neurosis is Amazon

Director says he has ‘regretted every second’ of streaming deal

Walmart / Amazon: prime time

Are Walmart’s margins too high?

Mondi: a world of its own

In the era of Amazon’s corrugated cardboard deliveries, packaging is the place to be

Salesforce faces need for reinvention

CEO Benioff must switch from chasing growth to chasing profits

Europe’s timid embrace of digital economy

The EU’s task is to learn more and guard against special interests

EU to launch probe into US tech giants

Brussels comes under pressure from Germany and France

Viacom: big blues

Television is changing and Viacom needs to catch up

Amazon, Google join music rights group

MIC Coalition launched to campaign against higher royalty rates

Amazon to expand B2B marketplace

Ecommerce group attempts to upend wholesale sector

Ebay CEO’s comments help Google case

Donahoe says site is direct rival of group in online shopping

Amazon: spending money to make money

AWS looks magical, but investment demands mean the wizardry may not last

Amazon tops forecasts with 15% sales rise

Growth at Amazon Web Services compensates for strong dollar

Google's Schmidt buys NY hedge fund stake

Investment vehicle acquires 20% stake in DE Shaw

Amazon Prime Trunk Delivery

Amazon to deliver parcels to Audi boots

Trial scheme in Munich to courier orders to some customers’ cars

Timeline: Segway’s journey to China

Transportation device has not lived up to its early hype in cross-border fight with Alibaba

Portal to bring foreign brands to Chinese middle class

Chinese drone-maker eyes $10bn valuation

DJI in talks with Silicon Valley groups for venture funds

Message to ‘Googlers’

Search group responds to European Commission action

US rocket group to ‘halve’ cost of launches

United Launch Alliance says Vulcan’s first flight will be in 2019

Cloud computing

Sky’s the limit for Amazon Web Services

Success of cloud-computing arm could lead to reshape of group

Flipkart’s two-wheeled parcel delivery

‘Amazon of India’ turns to Mumbai’s dabbawallas

India’s Snapdeal buys FreeCharge

Deal highlights consolidation in ecommerce sector

Indian ecommerce start-ups eye cricket

Tech groups look to glitzy IPL tournament to raise their profiles

Ingram Pinn illustration

Companies have a new audience

Younger consumers with liberal attitudes are a bigger market than religious conservatives

Amazon gets its teeth into ‘button’ trial

WiFi-linked gadgets will allow users to reorder food or services

Japan and Europe growth boosts Compass

World’s biggest caterer expects 5.5% revenue increase

Facebook: buy button

As it edges closer to selling stuff, is Zuckerberg’s app competing with Amazon?

Books industry divided on self-publishing

Ructions as self-publishing turns viable enterprise for authors

Tech companies: obscured by clouds

Specialists need to be less fuzzy with their numbers

EU antitrust chief not afraid of a fight

Competition enforcer eschews settlement for more confrontational route

Amazon/Alibaba: pride goeth

Online group’s capitulation in China is sensible

Amazon hitches ride with Alibaba

US group opens online store on arch rival’s website in China