The Amazon Economy

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has changed the way that global consumers go shopping.

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Hulu in spotlight as expansion beckons

With viewership up 85%, a sleeping giant in streaming may be preparing to make its move

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Explore how variations in key assumptions can change Amazon’s potential market value and share price
Warehouse to powerhouse
Week in Review

Week in Review, November 28

Barclays, Amazon, VW and Rolls-Royce featured

Black Friday crucial for big retailers

S&P 500 department stores index stands nearly 30% lower this year

Amazon’s Nazi-style ad gimmick backfires

Subway adverts highlight riskier moves to promote content

An Enjoy 'Expert' delivering a Sonos music system

A retail future hand-delivered by geeks

Enjoy’s founder set up Apple Stores but will his latest venture work, asks Jonathan Margolis

The new Amazon Books store in Seattle, Washington

Retail’s third phase of digital evolution

Making emotional connections with customers is the way forward

Apple and Amazon in German investigation

Technology groups under scrutiny by cartel regulator

Abstract image representing electronic money transfer

Unicorns beware: markets get it wrong

Lessons for private tech companies before they go public

Amazon launches pantry raid on UK market

Nationwide delivery service aims to push open door to expansion

‘There’s a new optimism emerging’: Nik Górecki says the financial crisis and austerity are driving people to find out the causes
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A radical reawakening for bookshops

Housmans store bolstered by demand for political reading material

Beware the Ozymandias syndrome

If there is one lesson from the history of long-lived companies, it is the need to maintain flexibility

DWA9PR Security concept: Lock on digital screen
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Your digital life in their hands

Companies will pay for your details — but will they be secure?

Amazon turns a page with bookstore

Retailer’s launch comes as independent shops begin to see a rise in their fortunes

Amazon boosts same-day delivery service

Online retailer responds to competition from UK rivals


Amazon opens its first physical bookstore

Titles chosen based on web reviews and sold at online prices

Walmart drones plan starts to look up

Retailer eyes use in home delivery and inventory management

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in 'Teri Meri Kahaani'
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‘Netflix of India’ shares plunge 20%

Fears about accounting and streaming arm hit Eros International Media

Amazon: progress and paranoia

Amazon’s sceptics are having a hard time. This is likely to continue

A Medium message for modern moguls

Today the clout lies with content-hosting tech titans, writes Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Why we trust the cyber crowd

‘About 90 per cent of consumers say they turn to recommendations by friends when choosing products’

Amazon shares jump 11% on sales surge

Results boosted by North America and cloud computing

Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition, and four of the companies facing scrutiny: Fiat, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks
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Starbucks and Fiat get €30m tax bill

Landmark EU ruling opens new front in tax avoidance battle

Amazon rebuts New York Times exposé

Tech company attacks report into workplace culture

Starbucks and Fiat face unpaid tax bill

Apple and Amazon affected as EU rules on avoidance

Amazon’s assault on spoof reviews

Online retailer is right to confront practice that distorts competition

Argos drives same-day delivery challenge

Retailers bulk up logistics operations amid surge in online shopping

Drone completes first flight in UK airspace

Watchkeeper flies for an hour alongside commercial aircraft

Amazon’s Bezos plummets in CEO rankings

Founder slips to 87th after non-financial factors added

Watershed moment for female fund staff

Columbia Threadneedle follows Google to reveal gender balance


Global tax deal targets multinationals

Clamp on avoidance could raise up to $250bn a year, says OECD

Should we trust the young Turkers?

‘MTurk may be something of an unknown quantity but it is more diverse than the traditional study pool’

Amazon takes on Etsy with artisan service

Ecommerce group looks to tap into popularity of handcrafted goods

‘Safe harbour’: why it is on the ropes

ECJ scuppers deal that allows data transfer between US and EU

Amazon Dash

Amazon in Dash to lead internet of things

Automated replenishment service to be built into appliances

Supermarkets wage war on two fronts

Discounters on one side have been biting into share, but the battle online is gathering momentum

Amazon bars Apple and Google TV sales

Ecommerce group limits platform to products with its Prime Video

Amazon accused over air transport rules

Retailer faces court over transport of lithium ion batteries

US voices fears on tax probes by Brussels

Washington concerned it will end up bearing cost of extra bills

Axel Springer buys Business Insider

Media group’s move will be big payday for Henry Blodget

Flipkart valued at $15bn on fundraising

Bangalore company battles Snapdeal and Amazon in India