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    1. October 5, 2014

      Targeted actions to improve position of African women are paying off – but slowly

      There was a telling moment, early in Bola Adesola’s high-flying banking career, when the value of a woman’s perspective...

    2. October 5, 2014

      Africa starts to become master of its own destiny

      Africa’s economy has grown fourfold since the turn of the millennium, with sub-Saharan Africa outperforming the rest of the...

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    1. African Farming

      The African Union has labelled 2014 the Year of Agriculture and Food Security, but fro...
    2. The New Africa

      From Senegal to Kenya and from Morocco to Mozambique, Africa is enjoying an era of eco...
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    1. beyondbrics

      October 3, 2014

      Guest post: Ghana and Zambia dichotomy is cautionary tale

      By Kevin Daly, Aberdeen Asset Management Africa is set to be a focus of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World...

    2. September 2, 2014

      US military launches air strike on al-Shabaab extremists in Somalia

      US military forces have attacked al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in Somalia in an air strike aimed at the leader of al-Shabaab,...

    3. FT Photo Diary

      August 15, 2014

      Somali patrol

      Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP Somali soldiers patrol in Wadajir district South of capital following heavy fighting as Somali...

    4. The World

      June 17, 2014

      Kenyatta's political manoeuvres play into al-Shabaab's hands

      The Kenyan military says it. The African Union says it. Even al-Shabaab says it. But President Uhuru Kenyatta not only...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      April 30, 2014

      Journey to Chad

      Siegfried Modola/Reuters A sick girl rests on the lap of her mother, as another woman washes her baby, by the side of the...

    6. April 3, 2014

      CAR peacekeeping efforts dealt blow as Chad pulls out troops

      Chad announced on Thursday that it was withdrawing its 850 soldiers from a 6,000-strong African Union peacekeeping mission...

    7. April 2, 2014

      EU Mission to Central African Republic to deploy within days

      The EU’s mission to war-torn Central African Republic will be deployed within days, despite delays and difficulties in...

    8. FT Data

      April 1, 2014

      21st century sanctions: targeted measures on the rise

      by Andrew Jack From trade embargoes to arms blockades, sanctions have long been an extension of conflict by non-military...

    9. February 16, 2014

      Ethiopia uses electricity exports to drive ambition as an African power hub

      In a region where religious differences often lead to political tension and the threat of violence, there is one area where...

    10. February 7, 2014

      Somalia president fights back on ‘weak leadership’ claim from US

      When former academic Hassan Sheikh Mohamud became president of Somalia in late 2012, his election was hailed as a sign of...

    11. January 21, 2014

      Africa: In search of a green revolution

      The development of higher-yielding cereal seeds and an exceptional expansion in the use of irrigation, fertilisers and...

    12. January 20, 2014

      EU approves deployment and extra aid for Central African Republic

      European foreign ministers have approved a 500-strong EU military mission to assist international forces in quelling unrest...

    13. beyondbrics

      January 19, 2014

      The week ahead: Jan 20-25

      It’s a week of high-level meetings, with Davos, the African Union and LatAm summits all taking place; FMCG-giants Unliver...

    14. January 19, 2014

      EU poised to send forces to Central African Republic

      EU foreign ministers are expected on Monday to approve the deployment of troops to the Central African Republic following...

    15. January 13, 2014

      ICC trial of Kenya’s president being undermined say lawyers

      Lawyers for the victims of Kenya’s 2008 post-election violence have appealed to the International Criminal Court to proceed...

    16. December 4, 2013

      UN set to approve troops for Central African Republic

      The UN is this week set to approve the deployment of thousands of African and French soldiers to restore security in the...

    17. November 25, 2013

      Africa’s new crisis

      In the summer of 2012 France warned its allies that al-Qaeda was taking root in northern Mali and could establish a base for...

    18. November 21, 2013

      Central African Republic on the verge of genocide, France warns UN

      The Central African Republic is “on the verge of genocide”, according to its former colonial master, France, which is urging...

    19. November 15, 2013

      Kenya fails to delay President Kenyatta trial

      Kenya failed to win a year-long delay to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impending trial for crimes against humanity at the...

    20. October 18, 2013

      ICC rules Kenyatta can miss part of trial

      The International Criminal Court has conditionally excused Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya, from attending all of his...

    21. October 13, 2013

      African states seek immunity from prosecution for serving leaders

      African nations have called for their leaders to be granted immunity even from prosecution for crimes against humanity while...

    22. October 12, 2013

      African nations ask ICC to suspend cases against Kenya and Sudan

      The African Union has ratcheted up its pressure on the International Criminal Court to suspend cases against the leaders of...

    23. October 12, 2013

      AU to call for suspension of ICC cases while leaders are in power

      The African Union is set to ask the International Criminal Court to suspend cases against the presidents of Kenya and Sudan...

    24. October 10, 2013

      UN backs peace plan for African nation

      The United Nations Security Council has given its backing to a plan to stabilise the Central African Republic, opening the...

    25. beyondbrics

      October 6, 2013

      Week ahead: Oct 7-13

      The week ahead in emerging markets: Obama misses out on two high-profile Asia summits, Yum and Cargill report earnings, the...

    26. August 4, 2013

      The dying art of stealing elections, Mugabe-style

      Zimbabwe’s election demonstrates a dangerous trend. If bullets do not fly and heads are not broken, many outsiders, notably...

    27. August 4, 2013

      Odds are against Morgan Tsvangirai to change Zimbabwe’s course

      During a decade in opposition battling the autocratic rule of President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party, Morgan...

    28. beyondbrics

      August 2, 2013

      New York headlines

      * Zimbabwe election: Mugabe heads for landslide victory * Brazil backs IMF aid for Greece and recalls representative *...

    29. August 2, 2013

      Zimbabwe election: Mugabe heads for landslide victory

      African Union observers on Friday said they were reserving judgment on allegations of electoral fraud in Zimbabwe, as early...

    30. July 16, 2013

      ICC mulls UN sanction for Nigeria over visit by Bashir

      The International Criminal Court in The Hague is considering asking the UN Security Council to sanction Nigeria for allowing...

    31. July 2, 2013

      Hissène Habré, former Chadian dictator, charged with war crimes

      Chad’s former dictator Hissène Habré was charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture in a special court in...

    32. beyondbrics

      June 9, 2013

      Week ahead, June 10-15

      Coming up this week: the US-Islamic Forum in Doha coincides with the fourth Islamic Banking Conference in Kuala Lumpur on...

    33. May 27, 2013

      AU chief accuses International Criminal Court of chasing Africans

      The African Union assembly chairman has accused the International Criminal Court of pursuing cases against Africans on the...

    34. May 25, 2013

      African Union to vote on Kenyatta trial

      Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta, who is indicted for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The...

    35. The World

      May 20, 2013

      Fragile hope for Somalia

        In our Reporting Back series, we ask FT foreign correspondents to tell us about a recent trip. Katrina Manson, the FT’s...

    36. FT Photo Diary

      May 13, 2013

      Burundi soldier

      Tobin Jones/AFP An African Union Mission in Somalia soldier, part of the Burundian contingent to the mission, stands guard...

    37. beyondbrics

      May 12, 2013

      Week ahead: May 13-17

      A look at the week ahead from beyondbrics: IEA publishes its monthly oil report; Bretton Woods 30th annual meeting. Plus...

    38. May 7, 2013

      Somalia needs help to settle debt, says top development official

      International donors must act quickly to help Somalia settle foreign debt arrears and unblock further reconstruction aid if...

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