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  1. June 20, 2016

    MoD set to privatise repatriation and burial of war casualties

    Repatriation and burial of war casualties and notification of next of kin are to be run by the private sector with the...

  2. June 9, 2016

    Demand for digital services leaves banks open to more risk

    Global banks are exposed to more risks from their new digital services than they are able to handle, according to a...

Special Reports

  1. The Future of the Car

    Traditional automakers find their business models under attack from a host of assailan...
  2. The Business of Consulting

    Fear of disruption from new competitors combined with new confidence inspired by impro...
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  1. April 25, 2016

    Insurance tech start-up investment surges

    Investment in insurance tech start-ups more than tripled last year as a previously sleepy corner of the market begins...

  2. April 18, 2016

    Apax signs insurance joint venture with Accenture

    The private equity group Apax has bought a majority stake in a part of Accenture’s insurance software business, in a...

  3. April 12, 2016

    Technology companies raise $1bn to challenge banks

    Technology companies raised almost $1bn of investment last year to compete with British banks, according to a new...

  4. March 23, 2016

    Management makeovers bring in peer reviews for pay

    Dana Minbaeva does not know how her career appraisal will turn out this year — or whether it will even take place. Her...

  5. February 17, 2016

    Blythe Masters forges blockchain partnerships

    Blythe Masters, the investment banker turned blockchain entrepreneur, will on Wednesday announce a string of...

  6. January 31, 2016

    MBA graduates’ love affair with consultancy endures

    Google, Facebook and Amazon might grab more of the headlines, but consulting firms are still snapping up the most...

  7. January 18, 2016

    When CEOs have to be there — and when they do not

    From Paris, Pierre Nanterme recently made a presentation to staff near Chicago — through a hologram. It’s a nice trick...

  8. December 9, 2015

    Banks tumble in list of best UK workplaces

    Online travel company Expedia climbed 24 places to top a list of employees’ 25 best places to work in the UK — a list...

  9. November 18, 2015

    UK start-up Ebury lands $83m in funding round

    Ebury, a start-up that works with small businesses that trade internationally, has raised new capital to take the...

  10. November 9, 2015

    Strategy specialists forced to amend their offering

    As a distinct niche of the broader consulting industry, the strategy specialisation emerged after the second world war,...

  11. November 9, 2015

    Hybrid consulting firms feed off digital fear

    Management consulting’s success tends to be measured by the ebb and flow of demand for strategy consulting services,...

  12. October 29, 2015

    Some new hires for a more connected Deutsche Bank

    A few years ago, I was given a tour of Deutsche Bank’s London trading floor. To an outsider, it seemed dazzling: the...

  13. October 26, 2015

    Bank directors have lack of technology know-how, study finds

    Only 6 per cent of the directors overseeing the world’s biggest banks have any technology experience even though issues...

  14. October 20, 2015

    Top straight allies reach billions as they champion LGBT rights

    1 Mark Zuckerberg Founder & CEO, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the 31-year old founder and chief executive of Facebook, has...

  15. October 8, 2015

    Aversion to risk hampers growth of German fintech sector

    Last year fintech really caught the imagination of investors. Around the world, $12.2bn was poured into groups applying...

  16. August 2, 2015

    Feedback: The death of annual performance reviews

    Lucy Kellaway last week applauded Accenture’s decision to end annual performance reviews, saying such appraisals...

  17. July 26, 2015

    A blast of common sense frees staff from appraisals

    Last week I did the most unexpectedly uplifting thing I’d done in ages. I was in need of cheering as I’d just sat...

  18. June 21, 2015

    Corporate diary: June 22 — June 26

    Diary commentary from FT reporters; data and company announcements, unless otherwise stated, from Thomson Reuters....

  19. FT Alphaville

    June 8, 2015

    Techcrunch discovers finance may be technological

    If you ever needed proof that California-based techies live in a bubble of self-deluded superciliousness, where (to...

  20. May 28, 2015

    Branding offers staff a higher purpose

    As they cruise the travelators and walk the terminals, passengers at London’s Heathrow airport will notice that, along...

  21. April 22, 2015

    UK trader arrested over 2010 flash crash

    A UK futures trader operating out of a suburban house under the approach path to Heathrow airport is due in a London...

  22. April 21, 2015

    How futures trading could crash stocks

    The US equity market ‘flash crash’ of May 6 2010 has long highlighted the pronounced link between futures exchange...

  23. March 26, 2015

    Red Hat tops S&P 500 after strong quarter

    Red Hat was the best performing stock on the benchmark S&P 500 after topping fourth-quarter earnings expectations. The...

  24. February 9, 2015

    Insead brings online learning to customised courses

    Insead has become the latest top-notch business schools to move into online learning, but as befits the business school...

  25. January 28, 2015

    The digi-teens: the next generation switches on

    Employers seem to have been complaining for ever that the latest batches of university and school leavers are not...

  26. January 22, 2015

    Poland draws big banks for ‘nearsourcing’

    With its quaint 13th-century market square, meandering canals and botanical gardens, Wroclaw bears little resemblance...

  27. beyondbrics

    November 21, 2014

    Guest post: EM can join the shale gas revolution

    By Melissa Stark, Accenture A lot has been written about the shale gas and oil boom in the US and why that model cannot...

  28. November 20, 2014

    Connected cars raise privacy and safety worries

    The car used to be one of the purchases that said the most about you. Today, it might be better to think of it as the...

  29. November 16, 2014

    Healthcare market opens with few hitches

    The Obama administration’s healthcare marketplace opened without a major hitch at the weekend, avoiding the website...

  30. November 10, 2014

    Engaging the next generation of talent is the big challenge for consultancy firms

    Technological advances and an ageing workforce are changing the nature of work – and with it the recruitment patterns...

  31. November 10, 2014

    Dissolving of boundaries lets in more consultancy competitors

    When Grant Thornton wanted to devise its latest global strategy, the accounting and advisory group did not call in a...

  32. November 10, 2014

    Opinion divided over consulting firms’ dedicated online teams

    As companies feel the impact of digital developments on their brands, consulting firms are forming internal teams or...

  33. November 9, 2014

    Women in Business – Shruti Malani Krishnan

    Shruti Malani Krishnan is an MBA graduate of London Business School and director of Powr of You, a personal data...

  34. MBA blog

    November 4, 2014

    What consultants say about being a consultant

      I was very lucky to be invited to LinkedIn’s London offices last week, for a consulting employer panel event hosted...

  35. MBA blog

    September 10, 2014

    Is an EMBA worth its hefty price tag?

    In October the FT will publish its 2014 Executive MBA magazine and, as part of our research, we would like to hear your...

  36. beyondbrics

    August 27, 2014

    South Korea leads in ditching bank branches

    A surge in the popularity of automated banking services in South Korea has slashed the number of people who still use...

  37. July 21, 2014

    Tech Beat: The new Markits

    Market infrastructure providers are providing venture capital to start-ups as senior banking executives accept a...

  38. July 13, 2014

    Students opt for internships with impact

    Creating marketing plans for Afghan artisans, enhancing nutrition in African food and developing healthcare in the...

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