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Promoting the green economy is starting to be seen as sound business

Commercial approach can help fill the gap

Promoting the green economy is starting to be seen as sound business, says Sarah Murray

AngloGold Ashanti employees

South Africa: Mining sector seeks way to repay debt to communities

Investment often lacks focus, says Andrew England

Tea farmer

Climate adaptation: Private sector joins NGOs

Collaboration is essential, says Charis Gresser

Ecosystem services: A living wage for Mother Nature

There is a growing need to put a price on what have been seen as ‘free services’, reports Jane Bird

Ecotourism: Coffee, daisy trees and finches

Protecting the ecosystem of the Galápagos involves balancing the needs of nature, people and the economy, writes Jane Bird

Palm oil: Long and tortuous route to unsullied supply chains

The industry is now cleaning up its act, says Louise Lucas

Public sector: Aid agencies tap into corporates’ cash and expertise

Outside help is vital for progress, says Sarah Murray

Brazil: JBS and Greenpeace lock horns over beef sourcing

Joe Leahy reports on a row over supply chain monitoring

Case study: Interest rate fall leads to funding opportunities

In Brazil, a quiet revolution has been under way over the past decade, says Joe Leahy

Textiles industry: How to be the solution, not the problem

Better practices reduce labour abuses, writes Sarah Murray

Latin America: Continent leads the way on resources and environment

The region can go direct to developing clean energy, says Sarah Murray