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Part two: voices of a generation. From activists in Egypt to the unemployed in Spain, what does the future hold for the young people of today?

Transition: Technology puts power in the hands of the many

As traditional ways of working disappear, the young find value in contributing to changing the world, writes Sarah Murray

Gor Soudan, a 31 year old Kenyan artist, stands inside his apartment and studio
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Kenya: Artist turns work into protest against the ‘big men’

Katrina Manson meets Nairobi artist Gor Soudan to hear an off beat view of society


While some countries, such as Spain, are suffering, others are reaping the benefits
Manuela D'Avila
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Brazilian society: Politician adds edge to gender battle

A Marxist at 17, Manuela D’Ávila’s aim is to break the male stranglehold, writes Joe Leahy

Lifestyle: Post-Soviet youth perceives world of opportunity

Russia’s young have more choices but still face deficiencies in infrastructure, says Rachel Morarjee

Technology: Engineer’s skills helped build online retailer from scratch

James Crabtree talks to Binny Bansal, co-founder of the ecommerce site Flipkart, India’s answer to Amazon

Armed services: Military offers security of sorts in hard times

Shannon Bond finds recruiters adapting to a new generation

Spain: Record unemployment for young destroys aspirations

Financial crisis hurt a generation, writes Miles Johnson

Egypt: Activists fight on to taste fruits of their revolution

Two years after the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, courageous men and women are challenging widespread repression, writes Heba Saleh

Exile: Her feet planted in Somali sand, an English school in her head

The writer Nadifa Mohamed tells Feargus O’Sullivan of life in two worlds

Styling the future: Breaking into the fashion world

UK fashion designer Katie Eary talks to Susan Corrigan about breaking into menswear and collaborating with rapper Kanye West

Part one

Youth fights for foothold in world of change

While people aged from 18 to their early 30s are united by their use of technology, many differences still divide them, says Sarah Murray

Global links: Social media drive urge to create and develop

Generating ideas is high on the agenda, says Sarah Murray

Technology: ‘Digital natives’ tap into the wisdom of the crowd

Young people are driven by immediacy and feedback, but get turned off by aggressive advertising, writes Maija Palmer

Jobs: Careers shape up as collection of experiences

Future workers will want more flexibility, says Sarah Murray

We must hope that crisis will ebb away

The biggest problem affecting the young is in finding worthwhile work, writes Chris Giles

Smarter ways of working needed to create growth

Education needs to shift from being qualifications-based to skills-orientated, life-long learning, writes Andreas Schleicher

Job seekers: Frustrations mark road towards fulfilment

Kim Chan Wan Fong on her search for employment

Politics: Broader global view fosters social liberalism

Events such as 9/11 have affected older people more, writes Jessica Twentyman

Workplace views: Recruits have clear idea of goals and ambitions

Jessica Twentyman looks at competing demands of bosses and future workers

Demographics: Birth rate fall and prospect of longer life cloud Mexico’s future

Big change awaits world’s 11th largest population, says Adam Thomson