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Supply Chain


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Contingent insurance: Cover is broadening for interruption

Reshoring: Changing locations and supplier brings risks

Disasters expose flaws in assumptions

A costly year has forced companies to review their strategies but ‘just-in-time’ delivery is set to stay

Risk analysis: Continuity planning is strengthened

Manufacturers are working harder to identify potential issues down the chain, says Robert Wright

Contingent insurance: Broader policies offer cover for disruption beyond the first tier

Insurers are recognising the complexity of modern supply chains and the wider risk of dislocation, writes Andrea Felsted

Trade credit: Insurers demand more disclosure

Client relationships have been repaired after the excessive caution at the height of the recession, writes Alistair Gray

Public sector: Contractors under pressure worldwide

The UK government leads the way in extracting more for less from suppliers, says Gill Plimmer

Transport choices: New trains of thought on freight modes

Companies are rethinking the mix so they can move fast in a crisis, says Robert Wright

Slow boats from China – and other locations

Container lines generally insist customers value reliability over a short journey time, writes Robert Wright

Reshoring: A change of location brings risks of its own

Sourcing strategy must be kept under constant review, writes Rod Newing

Ethics: Wrong move can tarnish your reputation

Brands may suffer when production shifts to countries with poor human rights records, writes Rod Newing

Squeezing suppliers: Pragmatic approach defuses tensions in complex relationship

Michael Kavanagh finds a contrasting picture in retailing and manufacturing