A visual analysis of the stars of Rio 2016

Bolt Biles Phelps
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Rio's standout performances vs the best from 100 years of Olympic history

Olympian heights

What can the games teach us about economics?

Sponsors dump US swimmer Ryan Lochte

Speedo and Ralph Lauren cut ties following Rio ‘robbery’ debacle

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Head of OCI to appear in Brazilian court over alleged illegal resale

Indian women face OIympian odds

Notebook: Young women face a struggle to succeed in India, on and off the field of sport

GB medal haul met by European scepticism

Some are impressed but most find Rio success questionable

Drug testing continues after Rio games

It may take years to know how clean the games were

Olympics 2016: Brazil bows out in style

Closing ceremony marks return of chutzpah to crisis-mired nation

Corporate Asia cashes in on Olympic fever

Rio 2016: Britain emerges as superpower

Nation trumps China in best performance in more than a century

Passports of Irish Olympic officials held

Inquiry widens into allegations of ticket touting at Rio games

Team GB triumphs over China in Rio

Britain shines with best Olympics performance in a century

Brazil’s favela kids eye Olympic glory

Slums the source of some of the brightest sporting talent

Rio Olympics 2016: Brazil football redemption

Brazil beat Germany on penalties to finally win Olympic gold

UK Olympians: also-rans to world beaters

Lottery money and ‘tough love’ help achieve record results

Rio Olympics 2016: Bolt makes history

Jamaican now possesses an unprecedented ‘triple-triple’ of gold medals

Lochte apologises for behaviour in Rio

US swimmers accused of lying over armed robbery claims

Rio shows endurance of Olympic spirit

It is not just gold medal winners who deserve to be celebrated

Rio 2016: Lochte scandal hits raw nerve

Unravelling of US swimmers’ story restores pride in a nation that feels misunderstood

Who (or what) is faster than Mo Farah?

Runners, swimmers, cyclists and animals

Rio 2016: Bolt seals sprint ‘triple double’

GB back on track; US swimmers’ mystery deepens, why Brazilians boo

Rio 2016: runner boxed in by gender debate

Semenya at heart of dispute over treatment of ‘intersex’ athletes

Hanging on the words of Olympians

Spontaneity and raw emotion make athletes’ comments gripping

Rio Olympics 2016: Jamaica sprint sweep?

Bolt and Thompson still on song, scandals escalate, Brazil’s chance for redemption

Brazil eyes goals beyond football

Hopes rise that Olympic success presages broader economic revival

Europe’s top Olympic official arrested in Rio

Irish committee head Pat Hickey detained at his hotel

Rio 2016: Beach volleyball a midnight hit

Home talent and TV appeal serve up party for crowds and networks

Does hosting the Olympics make us happier?

‘Careful surveys of wellbeing are an important tool in figuring out the wisest way to spend public money’

Rio Olympics 2016: British gold rush

Funding surge pays off, fighter cries foul, Biles back on song

Golds roll in for Britain

Cyclists Kenny and Trott rewrite records