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The genuinely committed have stayed the course and there are hopes of an upturn

There is glitter amid the gloom

superyachts racing
©Perini Navi

The genuinely committed have stayed the course and there are hopes of an upturn, reports Richard Donkin

Environment: Club helps owners do their bit

The Blue Marine Foundation wants greener oceans, says Don Hoyt Gorman

Harbour services: The berth of an industry

The Olympics have shown that London can host superyachts, says Belinda Liversedge

Warsash Superyacht Academy's bridge simulator

Staffing: Learning the ropes the safe way

A new training academy helps deliver high-quality professionals, writes Richard Donkin

the Porto leg of the catamaran racing series

Venues: Cities line up to satisfy the race appetite

Porto illustrates rising demand for stadium sailing, writes Richard Donkin

Management: High demand for smooth operators

Amid a growing list of demands, keeping the owner free of troubles comes first, writes Martin Redmayne

Superyacht racing: Young sport is growing fast

Regattas around the world allow owners to test their boats and their skills, says Jason Holtom


Construction: Calmer waters ahead for leaner, fitter boatbuilders

The best shipyards are thriving, with orders seen as at realistic and sustainable levels

America’s Cup: San Francisco, here we come

This year’s event has been souped up to provide excitement for onshore fans, says Jason Holtom

Flagging: Red Duster is still a symbol of security

Registering a boat is not just a matter of convenience, says Richard Donkin