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Unexpected upswing in growth gives rise to reflection on whether ‘fog of crisis’ is lifting from world economy

Confidence takes welcome turn

Unexpected upswing in growth gives rise to reflection on whether ‘fog of crisis’ is lifting

IMF adopts a more Keynesian line on deficits and stimulus

Study advises rich nations to be more cautious on debt

Eurozone fails to cheer recovery

The growth that has been achieved has been anaemic

Sound and fury, but signifying nothing yet

Recovery has begun but many of the G8 need to take the medicine

US forecast for next year points to significant headway at last

Outlook brightens for households, business and housing

Anticipation rises of reforms to put China back on growth track

The old model for expansion is running out of steam

Big lenders pushed to provide contagion control

Some ideas to make bank operations safer in a financial crisis may conflict with the needs of customers

Wages are not the whole story for real incomes

Many variables shape the experience of a downturn

Forward guidance: Latest fad confuses rather than clarifies

Policy does not always have the desired effect

Global population upheaval grows

No end in sight this century to huge demographic shifts


Hopes turn to fear and uncertainty

Answers to the big issues facing the global economy depend mainly on events in the US and eurozone, writes Chris Giles

Japan: Pageantry replaces panic as host nation pulls out the stops

The world’s third-largest economy has rebounded after the earthquake, writes Ben McLannahan

Eurozone: Ball is in countries’ court as ECB stands prepared

The central bank has acted to guarantee the ‘irreversible’ nature of the euro but resolution of the crisis lies with Germany and others, writes Michael Steen

Monetary options: Maradona lends hand on central bank policy

Policymakers hope expectations of bond purchases will reduce the need for action, writes Claire Jones

China: Slowdown in growth likely to continue

Consumption-led model to the fore as economy adapts to ‘new normal’, writes Simon Rabinovitch

US: ‘Fiscal cliff’ looms over growth hopes

The wounds of the financial crisis are starting to heal but several forces could still blow recovery off course, writes Robin Harding

UK: Confidence gives way to doubt, disappointment and confusion

Chris Giles finds the potential for quick growth in the economy has been severely damaged

US elections

Differences seem more symbolic than real

Both candidates would face the same issues with China and negotiations over trade deals, writes Alan Beattie

If Obama wins ...

Fixing the ‘fiscal cliff’ would be a tough second-term task, says James Politi

If Romney wins ...

If the GOP’s man is elected he faces some tough questions, reports James Politi

IMF and World Bank: Flush with cash, short on influence

The two institutions face new challenges, writes Alan Beattie

IMF and fiscal policy: ‘One size fits all’ left for more tailored approach

The organisation now suits its advice to the nature of the member’s economy, says Chris Giles

Financial markets: Risks ahead for investors if QE continues

The true test of the monetary policy experiments will be their effect on the real economy, writes James Mackintosh

Price is right for supercycle to continue, say traders

It may be less ‘super’ and less ‘cyclical’ but much will depend on the pace of Chinese economic growth, says Javier Blas

Government bonds: On the hunt for yield in more robust emerging markets

Robin Wigglesworth finds the developing world is benefiting from weak growth in western nations