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For years the energy sector has found it difficult to recruit enough young engineers, geologists and others to replenish its aging workforce

‘Terrifying’ oil skills shortage delays projects and raises risks

The challenge of filling posts is prompting creative recruiting, with the military being tapped for North Sea jobs

Chevron CFO Patricia Yarrington

More diverse opportunity stops short at prospects for women

Shale boom adds to range and spread of jobs in the energy sector

Wind blows wrong way for green jobs

Doubts over regulation and subsidies have hit employment prospects in renewables

Christine Bader

‘Idealist’ who felt BP should play wider role

The Hayward days were to prove tough for Christine Bader

Part of Lego’s science set

Lego scientists join drive to assemble fresh generation of young engineers

Concerns over skills shortage intensify

Global oil giants face fight to lure local talent

While salaries grow at old fields as oil dries up, local hiring is vital at new ones

Rory Colfer

Energy groups must motivate millennials

Successful companies avoid the mistake of assuming that a great engineer will automatically become a great manager, says Rory Colfer

a Tullow oil rig in Turkana county, northern Kenya

Tullow struggles to please locals at its oil discoveries in Kenya

Job skills can be a hurdle in developing countries