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An abundance of tech tools is liberating workers to organise their lives in ways unimaginable a generation ago. But debate continues over who is really winning the spoils of this transformation in employment practices

Gig economy’s losers fuel populist backlash

Bridging digital divide is key to sustainable economic growth

How popular tech tools are transforming workplaces

Collaborative frameworks are taking grip, but not in an entirely predictable way

Michela Magas
©Colin Ross

Michela Magas: my nomadic working life

How tech allows the EU Woman Innovator of the Year to stay on top of her business

Sky Central. Sky's Isleworth studios documenting their open-plan design for the Workplace Revolution special report. 28/4/17
©Anna Gordon

Sky’s the limit for latest theory in office design

A revamp allowed the UK broadcaster to redefine the way staff collaborate and work

Woman in he office looking out the window.

Have you got the right personality for the gig economy?

Many people are ill-prepared for the isolation and uncertainty of self-employment

Personal touch matters in the virtual tech world

Physical proximity adds productivity as digital advances enable more remote working


The office is dead! Long live the office!

Technology is banishing old, static ways of working in favour of agile innovations

Alison Maitland

Are agile working and flexitime different?

Know what each is and what they mean for you

The private sector must learn to love agile working

The state and voluntary sectors are much better at accommodating employees

Azeem Azhar

Beware agile working’s charms

It has benefits but structure should not be neglected

Bosses must learn to master remote control

Distant staff need careful attention from corporate leaders

Not every employee likes agile working

Different people respond in very different ways to an agile workplace

In a Blink: UK’s flexible workspaces

The UK is the world capital for flexible working spaces