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Boardroom progress: fundamental change could take ‘at least a generation’

‘Lack of ambition’ deters women

Peter Whitehead asks an IT boss for her explanation of why there is a shortage of female business leaders

Fundamental change could take ‘at least a generation’

Dina Medland reviews the progress made over the two years since Lord Davies’s report on gender diversity in the boardroom

Fleur Bothwick: Working for progress across a firm with global reach

Sharmila Devi asks Ernst & Young’s director of diversity how she is tackling gender imbalances

C-suite culture: Women told they need to learn to say ‘I’ more

Sharmila Devi looks at how females can become candidates for promotion – without acting like men

Body language: ‘I didn’t wear a dress – I was terrified of seeming too female’

Sharmila Devi finds women are developing their own coping strategies

Networking: Smart strategy key to making the right connections

Sharmila Devi talks to successful women about ‘organisational politics’ and the need to ‘elbow their way into a man’s world’

‘Attractive employers don’t leave diversity to chance’

Head to head: why some businesses attract one gender more than another