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Does the gender of executives make a difference to business performance? The evidence is mounting that it does.

Gloria Steinem: ‘Only women become more radical with age’

Leaf in a storm: Gloria Steinem outside King's Cross Station
©Anna Gordon

The feminist on the next generation and on a woman becoming US president


Our launch episode features activist and author Gloria Steinem. In it Mrs Moneypenny and Carola Hoyos discuss topics ranging from the potential impact of a female US president to the divide between young and old feminists

Diversity at the top pays dividends

Companies with more female leaders do better, but are these women the cause of the success?

LeSalon’s Natasha Pilbrow

Male founders win decisively in fierce battle for start-up funding

Men are more likely to gain support as women lack the necessary contacts

Dame Stephanie Shirley
©Rosie Hallam

Dame ‘Steve’ Shirley: ‘Now there’s nothing holding women back’

The views of the computing pioneer will annoy some, but they are difficult to ignore

Scrap paintball, add childcare

If you want more senior female staff, a formal change of corporate culture is required

Girls allowed: Karlie Kloss (right) with young coders

When female tech pioneers were the future

Women were not always detached from computing

Apps raise alarm over campus sexual assaults

Universities are under pressure as one in four women report being abused

Henley Business School

Win a place on an Executive MBA

The FT launches its fourth annual Women in Business competition

screenshot from Procter & Gamble India Ariel TV commercial
©Procter & Gamble India

Housework stymies wives worldwide

The corporate success of women often depends on a supportive partner

Olivia Hallisey, 2015 Google Science Fair prizewinner
©Andrew Federman

Is gender neutrality the way to shut the Stem gap?

Outrage erupted on social media after a boy won a prize aimed at girls

Digital world offers opportunities to break the job mould

Flexibility is attractive for women with MBAs

The automated future is nothing to fear — it belongs to women

Females are reshaping the workplace into one steeped in collaboration

Academia develops technology to boost entrepreneurial talents

Coaching, mentoring and fundraising skills encourage women to strike out alone

Genomics, virtual reality and ethics: how progress will affect us

Four key individuals shaping the world of tomorrow offer their insights into the most significant developments

September 2015

Women in leadership roles — the west finds itself outshone

Russia is less macho than its reputation suggests when it comes to gender balance

The secret of success is to be sponsored, not over-mentored

Formal programmes make it easier for men to support their female colleagues

Women regulate banks run by men

Financial regulators cannot compete with the private sector on pay, but do so through caring management

Stereotyping is hard to spot, but can be fixed

Decisions based on gender bias have a costly impact

Everyone loses when work life ends at 40

Women are absenting themselves from the workforce

Your mother-in-law could hold the key to your career

The most important work decision you make is often your choice of life partner

‘Stop blaming and shaming’

Women must encourage male colleagues who try to help

Top male feminists help women succeed

Name your top male feminist and tell us whom we have missed

Male feminism comes in many forms

From cartoonist to banker, these 10 men have done much to right the gender imbalance at the top

Helicopter parenting robs girls of the confidence they need

In a global job market, your child will need something to mark her out from a crowd filled with A* grades

A variety of barriers thwart entrepreneurs in poor nations

Rules against female property ownership make it difficult to raise funds

Gender inequality in the workplace is men’s work too

The facts are daunting and it is tempting to think that the gender divide is too deeply rooted for you to make any difference

Achieving longevity may prove difficult for HeForShe and Lean In

Even women’s groups with well known backers find it hard to prompt lasting change

Football tackles the issue of leadership

Shielded by its profitability and popularity, the sport is only slowly changing its approach

Laerke Norn: Women in Business essay contest winner

Scorning the cliché of the tough, ‘masculine’ female leader

Death threats and attacks fail to stop mission to save labourers

Syeda Ghulam Fatima has advised and rehabilitated thousands of Pakistan workers

Universities learn to embrace diversity

After much debate, US female-only colleges are having to rewrite their admissions rules

March 2015

Top jobs still out of reach for most women

Mandating female representation has done little to narrow the gap for many

Lack of programming skills puts young women at a disadvantage

More women than men are playing mobile games, yet those that make them remain distinctly male

Support for a difficult transition

Resuming a career in financial services after a long break can be a daunting experience

Gender and income equality in Russia

‘There’s no discrimination. Women are held back by glass ceilings in their heads’

Corporations begin to recognise the benefits of gender diversity

Critics argue that quotas for supervisory boards will force women into roles for which they are unprepared

Women need courage on the ‘glass cliff’

Women who make it to the top can find themselves very isolated

Book review: ‘Taking the Stage’, by Judith Humphrey

Do not nod or apologise. Strong words are needed if women want to advance your career

Case study: Catherine Roberts, director-general of Defence Materiel Organisation

Career soars thanks to flexible working and commitment to equal pay