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Many developing countries have higher ratios of female executives than advanced countries, but change is slow for women at the bottom of the scale

Growth helps narrow gender gap

Companies in fast-expanding economies find they cannot afford to ignore female talent if they want to compete

Domestic demands drag down salaries

Flexibility at work is essential for women around the world, but it often means a pay cut

Nora Wu, Asia Pacific human capital leader and managing partner at PwC Shanghai

Opinion: Nora Wu

‘I admit I considered giving up - but I never did’

A geologist checks and programs a mobile pit wall stability radar device

Mining offers fast-track opportunities

South African women are building careers in what was once considered a male-only domain

Machismo persists in Latin America

Speaking out against casual sexism can be a fraught business

Elena Masolova

Russia’s technology chiefs find springboard to big time

Digital sector has a high quota of successful women

Opportunities hinge on school and marriage

Stellar careers are possible in Turkey, but many at the bottom of the scale are excluded

India’s working women find strength in numbers

Mentoring schemes for professionals ease sense of isolation

CX8J2J Masai woman carrying wood for fuel in and talking on mobile phone in Oliolomutia , next to the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, Kenya

Africa mobile transforms women’s agri-businesses

Data trails provide financial leverage for entrepreneurs