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After several years of disappointing prices, experts are wondering if Bordeaux could be due for a rebound. Meanwhile Liv-ex indices show that buyers should be cautious. And adventurous investors might like to look further afield at wines from Chile or even Moldova.

buying and investing

Does Italian wine love affair have a future?

Tuscany has benefited from disappointment with Bordeaux and Burgundy

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Bordeaux investors must not hurry to buy

Buyers are sceptical about en primeur as high prices dent demand

Chile reaps benefits of new techniques

A natural protection from pests helps production

Perennial favourite: Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

Top marques hold their own at auction

Prices have been flattening, but good names from certain regions have sold well

Christopher Trotter

Hopes for more than a case of sour grapes

Enterprising winemaker aims to revive successes last enjoyed in Roman times

wine cellar
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From dusty cellar to high-spec wine room

Wealthy clients want top designs and the best technology

Victor Bostan, chief executive at Purcari Winery

Moldova turns its eyes to the west

About 90% of exports used to go to other parts of the former Soviet Union

Grape haul of China requires a good nose

Investors must be careful of fakes when buying inside the country

Jean-Baptiste Jessiaume

Domaine Chanzy aims for the party set

Burgundy winemaker hopes the brand will become synonymous with luxury

Liv-ex indices show reason for caution

Fine wine markets are volatile but wise investors can still make profits

How to get the best out of the bottle when at sea

Specialist fridges on gimbals are a good solution

Digital startups join fine wine trade

Peer-to-peer trading facility aims for niche in crowded market

‘Buy-now, drink-now’ ranges take off

Few have cellars and younger wines can be delicious

The wine club with vaulting ambition

A former bank building in London will offer secure storage and a place of education too


Will prices for this year’s vintage be high?

Many Bordelais seem not to care that their wines are currently out of fashion

Sour market sweetens as exports grow

While prices have fallen in recent years, international demand is reviving

Do not let vineyard dreams turn to vinegar

A proper business plan is essential for those looking to buy a wine-producing château

Spotlight on the authenticity of vintage wine

Experts say vendors must do more to reduce fraud

China could be a bigger market after boom

Can the country now offer steady growth?

Scion takes over family business

An interview with Philippe Sereys de Rothschild

Blue-chip reputation remains despite increased competition

What careful investors need to look out for

Online wine trading moves into Uber era

Platforms are springing up to compete with traditional brokerages and wine merchants

Oldest Bordeaux estate makes a comeback

Château’s standing among connoisseurs may catch up with its recent critical success


Risk of sour grapes as wine prices continue to disappoint

Trading platforms are bringing more investors into a difficult market

Splash out wisely on the bottle bank for rich finish and mature returns

Buying wine for its investment potential is a seriously risky business

Late bloom comes to Lynch-Bages, the belle of Bordeaux

An estate overlooked in the 1855 classification now offers a most superior Pauillac

Internet facilitates peer to peer trading

Online trading sites are breaking the brokers’ hold and cutting commissions

Italy attracts more interest in the Asian market

Chinese oenophiles are raising a glass to the Super Tuscans

A new bunch of collectable classics tempts the market

Rarity comes into play, as bottles are opened and consumed

Purchasers of vineyards match passion with profits

Potential for returns comes with lifestyle benefits

You won’t find table wine at the winery at the end of the world

The Bodega del Fin del Mundo in remote Patagonia is winning global awards