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Entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter on philanthropy, Scotland and Bill Clinton. Also: rebuilding Christchurch, China in vogue and the art of collecting

Sir Tom Hunter: Straight talker

Sir Tom Hunter
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The entrepreneur on how he helps people help themselves in Scotland and Africa

Christchurch moves on

Post-earthquake, this New Zealand town is buzzing with entrepreneurs

Collector Christian Levett

The art givers

Collectors who find pleasure in sharing their collections with the public

MiHaiBao fashion

Chinese shoppers now look for more than a logo

Rich consumers want to show that they have good taste and that they are individuals

Frosty reception

What today’s billionaires might find when they are woken from their cryogenic sleep

Family standing behind each other, smiling
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A family affair

Is unregulated lending back on the agenda?

deflated beach ball with globe design

Time to mention the ‘D’ word

While we enjoy the gains as consumers we are losing out as investors

Luxury flats: how to live in an asset class

Why London is a good long-term property bet

Hedge funds: Too many party poopers

While hedge funds claim to be managing funds they do not appear to be hedging anything at all

leather satchel

Gold star for English

British boarding schools are seen as the gold standard in terms of education

An iron-clad social boost

A way to help reduce the problem of anaemia in Cambodia

‘Illth’ : the dark side of wealth

Its concept echoes in the rallying cries for an end to growth

The politics of foundations

The dollars used to strengthen democracy in America

Private foundations: Searching for the sweet spot

Families search for the sweet spot in medical research

Romanian roots reclaimed

Restitution has long been a complex issue but has been lent a further degree of controversy in recent years

Family office: balancing the ebb and flow

Many investors are not aware of the years it can take for a social impact investment to break even

Book review: ‘The Fractured Republic’, by Yuval Levin

How to heal America’s Great Divide

Investment focus: India

The country remains buoyant — and there are signs of change

Letter from the editor

Christchurch wins acclaim

May 2016

Sean Parker: Hacker philanthropy

The Napster creator on what billionaires should do to launch scientific breakthroughs

What Lehman Brothers staff did next

The ill-fated bank’s entrepreneurial culture survives in new businesses

Talent hunters

FT writers talk to six up-and-coming start-ups from around the world to determine what makes for a successful business

Peak district

A new and younger generation of Chinese entrepreneurs have created great wealth for themselves — and now wish to give back

The Rich Column: Temporal paradox

Much of 21st century life might disconcert Victoria

The Ideas Column: Shoe box living

Tempering the rush to buy property in Hong Kong

Wealth management industry in disruption

The clients of tomorrow want an app-based adviser service

Equities: Hold the front page

Who has better access to research reports?

Ambitious Wealth: Heirs will be heirs

The philanthropist’s natural desire to see their wishes carried out is hardly unique to one side of the political spectrum

Art Collecting: Young money, old masters

The younger generation is less interested in classifications and more interested in the story

Foundations: The easy way to charity

Stelios Haji-Ioannou finds an easy way to give

Venture philanthropy: a hands-on approach

Millennials more motivated by the impact of their giving than by any sense of social cachet

Ubuntu Education Fund: Funding without strings

The fund helping children in Port Elizabeth’s townships

Missions made possible

Foundations start tapping into their endowments

Down but not out

How Mexico’s billionaires are dealing with the floundering peso

Palestinian territories: Rocky soil for start-ups

Much of the Arab world’s current innovation in technology is indeed coming from the Levant

Book review: ‘The Devil’s Riches’, by Jared Poley

Has greed ever been good?

Investment focus: US presidential election

The hostility of candidates towards free trade is a source of particular uncertainty

From the editor: Private matters made public

Security considerations can be critical for the wealthy, as can a need to avoid rows over succession

March 2016

Masters of art detection

The art market faces rocky times as Chinese collectors are showing signs of hesitancy

Book review: The Hidden Wealth of Nations

Daniel Ben-Ami review’s Gabriel Zucman’s analysis of the world of offshore financial centres