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May 2012: Alternative Investments
Spring 2012
Winter 2011

Undercover art

Lifting the lid on the discreet world of fine art storage as insurers reassess the risks of storing billions of dollars’ worth of art in just a few free ports around the world

Billionaire Monopoly

In Switzerland, the super-rich are spending fortunes on hotels, but professionals say their hobby harms the industry

Hard sellers

Electronic publishing has opened up product placement options in books

Dress to impress

Couture is known for its high price tags and labour-intensive methods. Daphne Guinness explains how it can also make a good investment

Bordeaux bankers

After a tough year for the world’s premier wine region, five international wine experts name the chateaux and vintages to watch

spring 2012

New silk route to Singapore

The island state is becoming the banking destination of choice for wealthy Chinese

girl archers

Blighted benevolence

Corporate social responsibility is gaining prominence in India

Remigius Kanagarajah
©Jeroen Bouman

Lost kingdoms

What do royals do after they are deposed? A report on the scions of royal houses making their way in the real world

design for a potential seasteading project


A group of libertarian entrepreneurs dream of autonomous floating cities

Winter 2011

All to play for

Rival multi-millionaires are going head-to-head on and off the pitch as they look to dominate Ukrainian business in years to come

Lost treasures

The value of antiquities is being rocked by the recent repatriations of prized artefacts

Power and protection

Close protection officers are all the rage in London

Bitter inheritance

A change in the law of succession has led to an acrimonious feud among Spanish aristocrats

Mining the truth

As global demand for gold rises, the ethics of its production are at last receiving more scrutiny

The Ideas Column: Hedge your bets

The extraordinary growth in hedge funds has changed the world of investing – the question is whether it is likely to continue

The Rich Column: Part of the service

Bankers to the wealthy appear to adopt disproportionate responses to their customers’ problems. If you are a client of a UK private bank, this can bring some unexpected benefits

Equities: Wake up and smell the coffee

A wealth manager’s awareness of ‘distinction bias’, ‘contrast effect’ and ‘ugly mate syndrome” are essential for mitigating investment risk

Book review: The High-Beta Rich

A book by Robert Frank, a veteran Wall Street Journal writer, advances some interesting ideas on how the nature of the wealthy has changed since 1982

How I made it: Nahed Taher

Nahed Taher believed her native Saudi Arabia desperately needed more investment bankers and backed her belief by setting up and running Gulf One Investment Bank

Car review: Wildcat 300

This rally car has a level of toughness highly prized in the world of long-distance off-road racing

Test fight: Vulcanair P68R

The new Vulcanair P68R is an Italian-made, high-wing six-seater that has been described as a ‘mini-airliner’

My liquidity moment: Ed Bussey

As a keen outdoor sportsman who has trekked across the Himalayas, the founder of iTrigga seems to enjoy the journey as much as reaching the goal

Exchange traded funds: Scandal or opportunity?

Less than three months ago you might have been forgiven for thinking that an ETF was just another financial acronym you probably should know more about

Private equity: A stake in society

Private equity managers have started to apply modern financing, management and investment expertise to the charitable world

Charitable giving: Give a tax a break

Changes to tax breaks for charitable giving in the US could have a worrying impact on private individual donations

Philanthropy: Banking benefactors

Though banks’ charitable arms are often partly set up for what is called ‘reputational benefits’, the large sums they grant have a significant effect

Life after retirement: Back in the game

Several top executives eschew the pipe and slippers and refuse to leave the corporate world