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Geneva Seal: overhauling a quality standard that has gone unchanged since 1957

Movement wars: the search of more time

Overview: Groups struggle to meet demand

Sales and profits are almost certain to climb further for top watch and jewellery houses, writes Haig Simonian

Geneva Seal

The Geneva Seal: Hallmark evolves to move with the times

Nicholas Foulkes considers the effect of overhauling an ancient guarantee of excellence


Dominique Loiseau
Elizabeth Paton talks to the ‘living god’ of watchmaking
Roger Smith
Simon de Burton talks to the man with a famous mentor
Walter von Kanel
Haig Simonian talks to the head of Longines

Leap seconds: Charged debate over two approaches to accuracy

Syl Tang considers a long-running argument about just how exactly one tells the time

Peter Stas

Watch war: Delay sought on parts policy

Haig Simonian talks to a plaintiff battling against Swatch supremacy

ETA Valjoux 7750 movement

Movements: Industrial production may threaten Swatch Group’s hold

Investment will pay off in the long term, writes Nicholas Foulkes

the late George Daniels

George Daniels sale: Time to buy a piece of horological history

Simon de Burton reports on the one-off auction of a great master’s collection

Bowling for dollars: Swiss puzzled but ready to play the game

Timothy Barber reports on brand sponsorship of a cricketing legend

Wacky racers: Sales psychology for the extremely wealthy

Simon de Burton considers the synergy between watches and cars

Digital media: Industry slow to embrace the internet

Anthony de Marco reports on an uneasy relationship

Facebook IWC

Social media: Future clients are to be found on the web

Brands could miss out by not being on Facebook, says Robin Swithinbank

Ecommerce: When potential sales are too big to ignore

Brands are warming to the web, says Robin Swithinbank

Scrap metal: Think twice before putting your heirlooms up for sale

Increasingly, people are considering selling old gold, says Claire Adler

Military watches: Creations that rarely appear on battlefield

Elizabeth Paton looks at the long relationship between timepieces and soldiers

Feel-good jewels: The dark side to happiness beads on a string

Syl Tang examines a trademark dispute over talisman bracelets

Auctions: Christie’s becomes first to pass the $100m barrier

Simon de Burton reports on another bumper year in the saleroom

Fashion: Haute couture houses revitalise themselves with high jewellery

Avril Groom considers the increasing importance of customers with cravings

Ferragamo: Fulfilling father’s dream of dressing from top to toe

Maria Doulton reports on the Italian house’s venture into collections of fine jewellery

Harry Winston: Collection takes US baubles abroad

Vivienne Becker looks at the company’s expansion strategy

Doha exhibition: Big names set out to court Middle East royalty

Claire Adler reports on a family that scours, selects and reserves jewels, often worth millions of dollars apiece