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The run-up to the Olympics is a suitable time to consider the preoccupation with precision common to the worlds of sport and time

An ancient bond of sport with time

Yves Rossy, otherwise known as 'Jet Man'

In the run-up to the Olympics, Elizabeth Paton considers the preoccupation with precision common to both worlds

Omega timing technology

London 2012: Omega revels in its official timekeeper role

The event marks the watchmaker’s 25th Olympic Games, says Simon de Burton

Sports: Launches were made well before the starting gun

While Omega takes a back seat, others step forward, says Avril Groom

Sponsorship: Associations with football do no harm to marketing

Linking a timepiece to a sports personality can refresh its image, writes Robin Swithinbank

CEO interview: Philippe Léopold-Metzger

Haig Simonian talks to the top man at Piaget

Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme

Louis Vuitton: Expensive shopping list for building a big name

Nicholas Foulkes reports on plans for the company’s horological adventure

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon

Skeletonisation: Top houses put a modern spin on 18th-century artistry

Timothy Barber considers the delights of some expensive toys

crystal watches

Crystal: Function and art to delight the collector

Avril Groom reports on the increasing use of a difficult material

Tiffany cuff in Rubedo alloy

New metals: Style moment combines craft and high technology

Vivienne Becker looks at a trend in which designers keep pushing limits

Exotic bones: Mammoth example of how to be avant-garde

Syl Tang examines the pros and cons of making jewellery out of material usually found in a museum

Hands: Pointers buck the trend to consolidate

Complexity prevents process going in-house, writes Haig Simonian

Trade secrets: Pearl farming techniques are kept under wraps

The industry clams up rather than reveal its mysteries, says Claire Adler

Precious stones: Vault of gems rocks the world of couture

London Fashion Week combined clothes and fine jewellery, writes Maria Doulton

Coins: Customers opt for currency in a hard climate

Claire Adler finds increasing interest in krugerrands and sovereigns

Queen’s jubilee: Celebratory timepieces by royal appointment

Simon de Burton looks at specially created designs

Silicon: Steps towards zero tolerance

The material is almost ideal, says Robin Swithinbank

Smartphones: Talking telephone numbers in the world of luxury handsets

Watch brands spy a new market in stylish mobiles, says Elizabeth Paton

Industry: Ethical quality assurance

The latest big name to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council is Chopard, writes Maria Doulton

Direct jewellery sales: Old business model dusted off and given a shine

Syl Tang considers the prospects for a 21st-century take on door-to-door selling

Steinmetz: Glitzy brand has its eye on long run in Botswana

Claire Adler considers the business thinking behind backing of a Gaborone marathon

Interview: David Coleridge

Lucy Reiter talks to the chairman of DM London, a specialist watch retailer

Masterpiece art fair: Circus is in town with best in art, antiques and design

There is something for every taste at the event, says Maria Doulton

Las Vegas fairs: Veterans are confident of their fresh ideas

Anthony de Marco finds the mood is bullish in recession

Auctions: No time like the present to sell masterpiece watches

Demand for high-end timepieces at top sales continues, writes Simon de Burton

Bonhams: Private sale for unique mirror diamond cord

Maria Doulton looks at a Mughal jewel from India’s ancient mines

Courses: World of mystique and secrecy opens up

Avril Groom hangs out with some extremely well-dressed students

Engagement rings: Wedding day decisions reflect desire to be different

Avril Groom reports on changes in style and sales techniques