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Eastern turbulence has weakened the city’s standing

Regional ambitions thwarted

Eastern turbulence has weakened the city’s standing

Michael Häupl: Formidable politician keen to foster excellent quality of life

The city’s mayor has gone unchallenged for 18 years, reports Haig Simonian

Banking: Managers hope the worst is past

Exposure to eastern and central Europe has been a burden, writes Eric Frey

Andreas Treichl, Erste Group CEO
©Shaun Curry

Andreas Treichl: A sceptical view of city’s prospects

Haig Simonian speaks to Austria’s best known banker

Economy: Service sector has grown in significance

Manufacturing is tied to global supply chains, especially via Germany, writes Eric Frey

Capital inflows: Tax accord with Switzerland may bring in billions

The government hopes a series of deals will boost revenue, writes Haig Simonian

Politics: Far right poses threat but may not win power

The Freedom party rides high in polls but is unlikely to influence government, says Eric Frey

Property funds: Tough times leave main operators diminished

Groups hope that a period of stability will restore confidence, writes Haig Simonian

Real estate: A popular place for wealthy foreigners to set up home

Buyers put a premium on political stability, reports Eric Frey

Birgit Kuras: Passion for privatisations and initial public offerings

The co-chief of the stock exchange talks to Haig Simonian