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The eastern exposure of Vienna’s banks is a cause for concern amid the stand-off between the west and Russia over Ukraine. This report explores how the Austrian capital is coping with such difficulties and examines its overall prospects as a venue for investors.

City fights to maintain regional reputation

Bank bailouts, onerous tax rates and Ukrainian crisis threaten Austrian capital’s position as financial hub

Wien, Wiener Städtische Versicherung, Ringturm
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Volatility in eastern European markets puts brakes on profits of big insurers

Challenges include low bond yields and the EU’s Solvency II

Complexity of post-crash cases keeps courts busy

Payouts made but criminal cases drag on

Austrian banks consider how to contain Ukraine fallout

Escalation of unrest hinders quick exit

Scandals and crises test central bank chief

Bribery case, pensions uproar and ECB asset quality review are among issues to be tackled

ÖIAG seeks expanded role amid backlash

The state holding company sees itself as adding value but its board structure faces criticism

Russian and Ukrainian buyers run into obstacles in city’s property market

Political and currency factors slow down the activity of eastern investors although this may prove temporary

Risk steps fail to quell uncertainty for banks

High bailout levy and asset quality review prove to be causes for concern

High tax and red tape come under attack

Critics say coalition’s policies will deter foreign investors

Michael Spindelegger
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Pressure mounts over tax evasion

Progress slow on moves to greater transparency