part three: Cyber Risk

Why do hackers do what they do? Understanding what motivates cybercriminals could be the first step to protecting yourself from attack. This video is part of an FT series that examines when to take action to protect against political risk, reputational risk, cyber risk and the risk to life and limb.

Inside the mind of a hacker

Risk coverage from the rest of the FT

Hackers shut down Ukraine power grid

Russian group accused of power outage cyber attack

Special Report

Bad news can destroy value in the short term, but James Mackintosh, the FT’s investment editor, says you should look at the bigger picture
The recent collapse in the Chinese stock market illustrates the sharp losses distant investors can suffer ©AFP
This report considers personal risk factors, from investing in exotic funds to protecting company employees when they are abroad

Call for companies to fight online crime

Departing police commissioner dismisses greater regulation

Transcript: FT City Network on cyber crime

Top financiers voice concerns on extent of risks

Cyber security: Attack of health hackers

Breach of Anthem database, probably from China, is part of a 2015 wave of 100m hacked medical records

Man arrested in toy company hacking probe

Attack on VTech led to data theft on 5m parents and children

Business braced for deluge of cyber rules

New rules eyed to force stronger defences against hacks

Natural but wrong to blame executives

Bad things that happen are generally the product of bad systems rather than bad people

Markets strain to price in historic shocks

How to calculate the likelihood and scale of catastrophes remains problematic

Geopolitical perils drive insurance demand

Single-risk protection of about $2bn is now available to companies seeking cover

Conflicts will become the new norm

The business danger is that analysis of threats can beget paralysis

‘Little England’ risks under scrutiny

Economists ponder risk of UK fracture from Scotland and EU

Investing in sovereign debt markets

A broad grasp of political, macroeconomic and market dangers is key