part one: Political Risk

How should companies and investors balance the risks to their portfolios and balance sheets? This FT series examines when to take action to protect against political risk, reputational risk, cyber risk and the risk to life and limb.

Risk coverage from the rest of Special Reports

Markets strain to price in historic shocks

How to calculate the likelihood and scale of catastrophes remains problematic

Special Report

The recent collapse in the Chinese stock market illustrates the sharp losses distant investors can suffer ©AFP
This report considers personal risk factors, from investing in exotic funds to protecting company employees when they are abroad
A £20 note being looked at under a magnifying glass ©Alamy
Getting the measure of people and their potential shortcomings presents one of the big challenges to companies

Geopolitical perils drive insurance demand

Single-risk protection of about $2bn is now available to companies seeking cover

Conflicts will become the new norm

The business danger is that analysis of threats can beget paralysis

Investors prepare for return to Iran

The end of sanctions is set to prompt a scramble to do business in the country

Middle East conflicts confound outsiders

Risk, even in the war-torn region, is also opportunity

‘Little England’ risks under scrutiny

Economists ponder prospect of UK fracture from Scotland and EU

Investing in sovereign debt markets

A grasp of political, macroeconomic and market risks can reap rewards