Part five: hr risk

From poor succession planning to the risk of industrial action, there are many ways in which failure to manage your human resources can pose problems for companies.

Lack of succession plans bad for business


Managing the change of a chief executive should not be an afterthought

Special Report

A £20 note being looked at under a magnifying glass ©Alamy
Getting the measure of people and their potential shortcomings presents one of the big challenges to companies
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HR focuses on managing human capital

Companies aim to retain key staff and ensure smooth handover

part 4: reputational risk

Social media can dent reputations

How businesses deal with issues that may affect reputation is crucial

Businesses tackle social and environmental risks

Many business are adopting a more strategic approach to managing the reputation risks associated with social and environmental impact

part 3: IT Risk
Cloud computing

Cloud storage carries potent security risk

Cloud computing technology is rife with challenges and privacy risks

Cyber crime threatens global financial system

Rapidly rising area of risk has wide implications

part 2: political risk

Shifting terrain is feature of risk

Geopolitics, regulations, infrastructure and the environment all form part of the volatile backdrop to investment in developing, and developed, nations

Car bomb kills at least 31 in Pakistan market ...epa03888347 Firefighters cool off a smouldering vehicle at the scene of a bomb blast in Peshawar, the provincial capital of militancy-hit Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan, 29 September 2013. The car bomb killed at least 31 people at a market near a police station in north-western city, officials said. Six children and two women were among the dead, police official Altaf Hussain said. It was the third attack in a week in Peshawar. More than 70 people were injured by the bomb, Hussain added. EPA/ARSHAD ARBAB

Pakistan plagued by politics and power cuts

Despite terrorism, security is not biggest problem for investors with a lack of transparency and corruption hampering deals

part 1: financial risk

Debt reduction is critical to recovery

Companies must strive to reduce overborrowing while global regulation races to eliminate systemic risk

SMEs urged to ‘keep foreign exchange management simple’

Small and medium-sized enterprises stand significantly exposed to foreign exchange risk

extended reading

Ryanair, Airbus and nightmare flights

Despite airline pledges to improve service, flying is likely to remain an awful experience

Egypt’s banks doing well but exposed to shifts in political fortunes

Big investments in treasury bills are raising concerns over vulnerability

Eurozone needs the labours of Hercules

No sooner has one threat gone than more spring up to test leaders, writes Tony Barber

Five takeaways from IMF paper

Outlook is cautionary and soundbites for the world economy do not exist

A defining month for politicians

Global events are creating a growth-friendly environment

Q&A: Interdealer brokers

Intermediaries act as a conduit for market data and gossip

Regulation makes costs explode

European fund industry costs to rise by between $900m and $1.5bn

Opportunities in foreign currency markets

Hefty profits – and losses – are possible within minutes

Risk management is an essential tool

How to swim in shark-infested waters