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An interview with the winner of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2012, along with analysis and profiles of some of the finalists

‘Look favourably to African frontier’

Banker James Mwangi says the continent’s biggest problem is perception, write Liz Bolshaw and Hugo Greenhalgh

Finance: Founders using own resources to fund ventures

Jonathan Moules finds that access to money remains a global problem


Hamdi Ulukaya on perfecting the product before pushing expansion
Why London was the right location for Canada’s Lance Uggla to launch Markit
Jonathan Moules on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
Yoshiko Shinohara
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Guest column: Yoshiko Shinohara

The number of females in Japan wanting to work in paid jobs is increasing

Russia: Small business not fazed by government’s cold shoulder

Rachel Morarjee discovers an enterprising spirit that is flourishing despite a hostile bureaucracy

India: Online potential remains alluring

As the economy liberalises and expands, the country has no shortage of start-up ideas, writes Kanupriya Kapoor in Mumbai

US: State acts to boost start-ups through ‘funding portals’

Legislation makes it easier to find finance, writes Chris Nuttall

Egypt: Historical events usher in new business order

Revolutionary incubators reap rewards of Arab spring, reports Borzou Daragahi in Cairo

Shai Agassi

Profile: Shai Agassi

Developer of electric ‘service stations’ talks to Liz Bolshaw

Steven Pan

Profile: Steven Pan

The Taiwanese luxury-hotel owner relishes challenging circumstances, writes Liz Bolshaw

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede

Profile: Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede

Banker always wanted ‘to be part of the deal’, finds Liz Bolshaw

World Entrepreneur of the Year: An insight into the judging process

Independent judging panels in various regions and countries evaluate the entrepreneurs selected

Words from the top

Four executives on the meaning of entrepreneurship


Role model: Lum wins entrepreneurship award

Olivia Lum, the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2011, is a role model for other female entrepreneurs, writes Liz Bolshaw

Comment: Africa must harness potential of the young

If we are to channel Africa’s population growth into a productive and effective workforce, we must help young people help themselves, writes Mo Ibrahim

Self-employment: The urge to go it alone

Sometimes, creating an income for yourself is a matter of survival, writes Jonathan Moules

China: Small businesses squeezed

The huge surge in input costs, from cotton to petroleum, is another worry, writes Rahul Jacob

Argentina has talent but a lack of investment cash

Opportunities abound in Argentina for those who take the risk, says Jude Webber

Kenya: ‘Silicon Savannah’ to challenge India

Tech-savvy youth and a growing middle class are driving business growth, writes Katrina Manson

Canada: Small start-ups depend heavily on the state

A range of schemes exists in Canada to help budding businesses, writes Bernard Simon

World Entrepreneur of the Year: the judging process

Independent judging panels in various regions and countries evaluate entrepreneurs selected via Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Liu Yonghao: From chicken farmer to billionaire

The vice-chairman of China Minsheng Bank and chairman of the New Hope Group is often referred to as China’s richest chicken farmer

Profile: The ‘Bill Gates of chocolate’

Alexandre Costa, chairman of Cacau Show, plans to expand sales beyond Brazil’s borders, writes Liz Bolshaw

Profile: Mobile mogul rings the changes

Maxim Nogotkov, president of Svyaznoy group, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, writes Liz Bolshaw

Profile: Taiwanese electronics tycoon relishes change

How Bruce Cheng, a kid from the countryside, built Delta from 15 staff to a world-class manufacturer. By Liz Bolshaw