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Entrepreneurs are at the vanguard of the recovering global economy, but what pressures do they face? There are reports of start-up activity flatlining in the US and some other developed countries, and although there are now many more financing options available, many carry a sting in the tail.

New measures to tackle late payments

A third of UK companies have resorted to loans to aid cash flow

Video: EY World Entrepreneur of the Year

Mohed Altrad video capture
Winner of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Mohed Altrad, CEO of Altrad Group
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, on how launching a company is the nearest a man can come to giving birth
What is being done to encourage more women entrepreneurs?
Sarah Raine and Millena Edmonds of Studio Moxy

Call to raise female aspirations

Women tend to aim lower and struggle to find financial backing

3D printed figures produced by Twindom

Entrepreneurship ‘can be taught’

Academics are finding ways to reach start-ups

Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center - Stanford University Architects - BOORA

Buying a company avoids start-up phase

Risk-averse entrepreneurs can buy an existing business and run it

Mohed Altrad, chief executive of Altrad Group, is winner of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015
©Marta Szczesniak

Altrad wins EY World Entrepreneur prize

Altrad chief triumphs over finalists from 53 nations

Blog: Sir Martin Sorrell gets emotional

Being an entrepreneur like giving birth, says WPP chief

The future is very, very quiet. Monaco-based participants at the FT Twitter Q&A #ftentrepreneurs

Blog: From diversity to a strange silence

Rosemary Squire calls for quotas — but the future is silent

Twitter chat: Funding entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs answer your questions

More cities court start-up clusters

Two-thirds of ‘unicorns’ are outside Silicon Valley

Benny Landa

Benny Landa: big results from thinking small

Founder of Indigo and Landa is a finalist at WEOY 2015

Klarna: payments company allows try before you pay

Co-founders are finalists at WEOY 2015 representing Sweden

Mircea Tudor aims to make flying safer

Romanian entrepreneur is a finalist at WEOY 2015

Blog: Entrepreneur finalists arrive

Winner will be chosen from 65 finalists representing 53 countries

Drive to create start-ups is flatlining

Fall-off in activity contrasts with rising enthusiasm for entrepreneurs

New sources of funding bring hard choices

Financing is more widely available, but could mean giving up control of your company

How the finalists and the winner are selected

Judges apply six criteria developed by EY

understanding entrepreneurs 2014

The man behind India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank

Uday Kotak on his aspiration to establish a global institution that would go on to live forever

Colombia breaks away from traditional business mindset

The government has started to create programmes to help entrepreneurs who are responsible for developing anything from helpful apps to sattelites

Crowdfunding gives entrepreneurs cheaper and faster finance

Lending websites provided $3bn in 2013 up from $100m in 2007

Uday Kotak wins the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

The executive vice-chairman and managing director of Kotak Mahindra Bank

Blog: countdown to the awards

Jonathan Moules considers who should win the World Entrepreneur of the Year contest

Blog: what motivates entrepreneurs?

Jonathan Moules looks into what properties this year’s EY World Entrepreneur of the Year finalists have in common

Blog: impressions from the FT’s Twitter Q&A

Jonathan Moules says much of the discussion revolved around the challenge of how to encourage more women to build fast-growing global businesses

Blog: Women at back of grid in Monaco

It is sadly not surprising that the finalists at this year’s EY’s entrepreneur contest are overwhelmingly male

Innovators run into regulatory hurdles

By definition, innovations threaten the status quo and start-up companies often feel overburdened by regulations

Jennifer Riria, the entrepreneur who empowered Kenyan women

The group chief executive of Kenya Women Holding describes her humble beginnings and outlines her manifesto for African economic development

Tech start-ups to look out for

Four new technology companies that are making waves in and out of Silicon Valley

Kaufmann provides new focus at Leica

By investing in facilities and technical innovation former teacher Andreas Kaufmann has revived the German camera company

UK cities vie to become start-up hubs

UK cities have had to raise their game as entrepreneurs seek the best place to run their businesses