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Growth of start­-ups accelerates and the big increase means UK entrepreneurs are providing half of Britain’s new jobs

Growth of British start-ups accelerates

Big increase means small business provides half the UK’s new jobs

The Big Issue magazine
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Time to begin a huge push for enterprise

The government should embark on a huge push to bring enterprise and entrepreneurialism to colleges and universities, says John Bird

Richard Moross, Moo.com founder
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City clusters thrive as barriers to entry come down

Several British cities have become sites for businesses and centres acting as start-up incubators

Women in business: Concern as capital follows gender divide

Need for financial literacy widens gap

Doug Richard
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‘Entre-tainment’ plays role in making business more popular

Television’s power to boost the status of entrepreneurs is clear

James Lambert, chairman, R&R Ice Cream
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R&R founder’s sensible hours put the stresses of life on ice

James Lambert, UK Entrepreneur of the Year winner, has earned his just deserts by keeping an open mind and his evenings free

Research and flair are the parents of luck

Innovating can mean doing what someone else does but better

Peer-to-peer lending fills gap left by wary banks

Savers looking for returns are financing business loans

Charles Rolls

Fever-Tree’s bright idea proves a tonic to drinks industry

The premium mixer for premium gins has created a new sector

Designer Eleanor Stuart with her Alice in Wonderland inspired plates made in Stoke-On-Trent in the pop-up shop that has opened, in a property in central London owned by the Crown Estate
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Pop-ups here to stay as line blurs between internet and high street

Flexible way to provide shop space can show off budding talent

Duo saw light in digital space

Inspired moment led to opportunity in social media

Universities work with industry to convert knowledge into products

Intellectual property is big business but finding funds is key

Entrants: Offering economic boost

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards, now in their 27th year globally, celebrate and commend entrepreneurial companies


Businesses grow against the wave

While start-up businesses defy the stuttering economy, perennial problems still need to be addressed

In search of capital

There are many ways to secure funds for start-ups – you just have to find them

Guest column: Martha Lane Fox

Three ideas to help the UK’s entrepreneurs

Shift of gears at 40 puts winner in fast lane

How Lance Uggla gave up a successful trading role in order to set up Markit in a barn

Education: Proper schooling of future entrepreneurs

Academies help students create work for themselves

Bookmakers: Betting against all odds

The story behind Betfred was a case of all or nothing

Construction: Not your usual run of the mill

There are plenty of ways you can make a difference

Health: In the business of handling people with great care

A balance of skills is required in the mental health sector

Policy: Growing state of support

The government is opening doors to entrepreneurs as a way of boosting the economy

Investment: Targeting new horizons

Investment companies are trying to be more globally orientated

Methodology and list of winners

The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards are currently in their 26th year globally and reach 140 cities in 50 countries, writes Steve Varley