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Turkey is steeling itself for elections in June that could determine its course for years to come

President tightens grip on Turkey

A flood of legislation has centralised power in the run-up to elections

Protesters protest near Gezi Park in Istanbul June 15, 2013
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‘Rolling back reform led to Turkey malaise’

Daron Acemoğlu and Murat Üçer on economic growth

Ali Babacan, Turkish deputy prime minister for the economy
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Erdoğan at odds with big business

Corporate elite is nervous about policy after the election

EU affairs minister: Volkan Bozkir
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‘Ankara no longer safe pair of hands’

Erdoğan’s retreat into an illiberal democracy is pushing eventual EU membership beyond reach

Turkey and Armenia redraw battlelines

Ankara and Yerevan at loggerheads over a 100-year-old legacy of war and mass killings

Turkey aims to become an energy hub

New Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline part of $48bn chain of projects

‘Endgame out of reach for Turkey’s Kurds’

Asli Aydıntaşbaş: Both sides would prefer peace, but they benefit from conflict

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Young Turks start a food revolution

The national cuisine is changing fast as city diners demand superior fare

Istanbul glassmaker offers lesson in growth

Paşabahçe has capitalised on the imperial past to gain 12% of the global market for glassware