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Silk roads lead to resurgent power

Silk roads lead to Turkey’s resurgent power

Daniel Dombey discovers a country that has come to grips with globalisation and sees itself as a leader among emerging economies

goods being transported from Turkey to Iraq

Iraq: Ankara views country as ‘natural extension’ for business

Geography drives expansion of exports, say Daniel Dombey and Funja Guler

Europe: Customs union adds stress to economy’s life on the edge

Frustration characterises the journey towards integration, writes Daniel Dombey

US trade: Commercial balance fails to reflect durable friendship

Better quality goods and training are key to meeting export targets, reports Vincent Boland

Middle East: Regional push resumes following Arab spring

Debate continues over what the country has gained or lost from dramatic political change in its backyard, writes Borzou Daragahi

African woman

Africa: Companies no longer content to rely on traditional ties with west

Executives and officials look south, write Funja Guler and Daniel Dombey

Guest column: Coup and exports led to transformation

Turkey cultivated a new geographic concept of Eurasia where its influence as the industrial power of its region would hold sway, says Andrew Finkel

Construction: Builders roam beyond borders

A competitive streak is increasingly necessary, writes Vincent Boland

Silk Road: Groups aim to renew links with an area rich in ancient history

Central Asia is a vital target for business, says Vincent Boland