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Obsession with ‘tapering’ is making it harder to digest key economic data

Fed sets tapering guessing game for traders

Markets become obsessed with US central bank’s intentions

Men are silhouetted against a video screen with an Twitter logo as he poses with an Samsung S4 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica

Social media brings benefits for traders

Used carefully, sources such as Twitter can be an invaluable tool

a mobile phone with Swiss army knife capabilities. Illustration by Tim Ellis
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Smartphones mean never having to worry

Trading apps provide access to your investments at any time

Risk management is an essential tool

How to swim in shark-infested waters

Look to fundamentals in emerging markets

Investors need to focus on facts and avoid following the herd

Profits to be mined as gold price wavers

Traders can turn volatility to their advantage

Opportunities in foreign currency markets

Hefty profits – and losses – are possible within minutes

Traders seek out unusual investments

Spread betting firms extend services to include Bitcoin trades

Oil traders face uncertain times

Perceptions and expectations dominate the price of crude

Movement and volume return to reinforce an air of optimism

Gains are to be had as stock markets worldwide continue an upward march, fuelled by better economic prospects and central bank action, says Jonathan Eley

Precious metals: Silver’s industrial versatility adds to its attractions

The poor man’s gold, which many investors see as being undervalued, is starting to look like a good bet, reports Lucy Warwick-Ching

Currency wars: Volatility provides profit opportunity

Identifying the big movers and their motivation is key to success, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Binary trading: System of risk and reward offers a simple alternative

Interest in an option that claims to reduce uncertainty is rising, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Advice: Steady nerves and a lot of research count

Some tips – and warnings – for the novice from Lucy Warwick-Ching

Indices: European growth opportunity

Traders looking to take advantage of any recovery in the global economy could place bets on peripheral European indices, writes Tanya Powley

Interest rates: Making economic strengths count

Volatility and divergence in yields have boosted traders’ interest in the bond market, says Tanya Powley

Education: Providers turn spotlight on learning

Seminars and online resources can offer market insights, writes Tanya Powley

Markets: Multiple strategies are key to success

Multiple strategies are key to a successful portfolio, says Tanya Powley


Continuity reassures markets

The lack of political change and ongoing monetary easing are comforting, writes Jonathan Eley

UK economy: Recovery hopes give boost to cyclical shares

Retail is among the sectors with upside potential, reports Tanya Powley

Post-election: Fiscal cliff remains focus of investors after Obama win

Parties need to work together on a solution, says Elaine Moore

Democrat victory: Bigger betters backed the loser

Wealthier clients tended to support Mitt Romney, writes Huw Richards

China: Change of leadership may give spur to growth

There are various opportunities for investors to gain a foothold in the world’s second-largest economy, if they can think laterally, says Tanya Powley

Play the game: Research and discipline are essential for rookies

Planning when to cut your losses is key, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Gold: Fed’s monetary easing adds polish to metal

Barack Obama’s re-election and the continuation of his administration’s fiscal policy should buoy bullion, writes Tanya Powley

IPOs: Outlook brightens for grey market

Spread betting on stock market floats has been in the doldrums but signs of a pick-up in activity are appearing, writes Elaine Moore

Smartphones: Mobile trading goes up a gear

As devices get faster and clients demand greater flexibility, Lucy Warwick-Ching finds the number of spread betting apps mushrooming

Technical analysis: Staying on top of the ups and downs

Lucy Warwick-Ching examines the method that forms the basis for recognising trends and enables traders to set buy and sell levels

Trends: Learn to love market volatility

However wide the trading range, there are a number of tools to help you make money, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Agenda: Season of mists gives betters hope of mellow fruitfulness

Markets were thin over the summer because of a lack of volatility but things may liven up as the days get shorter, says Tanya Powley

Sterling: Euro crisis lends weight to pound

Many traders caution against seeing the currency as a haven, writes Tanya Powley

US election: Complexities make White House race good business

Huw Richards looks at the odds being given on the Obama-Romney contest that will decide who will sit in the Oval Office

China: Crouching trader, slowing dragon

Elaine Moore considers ways in which investments in the country can be protected

Message boards: Investors turn to real-time, online chat to make informed choices

Chart message boards have been built into the trading platform for traders who may be watching or trading the same instrument, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Commodities: Volumes mean that gold still glisters for some

Volatile prices and uncertainty have put the metal’s future in question, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Gender: ‘Women tend to have tighter handle on risk’

The number of females taking part in spread bets and CFDs is rising, says Tanya Powley

Gilts vs assets: QE affects investment choices

Greater availability of money has changed the nature of the market, says Josephine Cumbo

Agriculture: Food produce speculation remains niche area

Predictions vary widely among experts as to which way food prices will go, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Cricket: Tournament is a challenge to specialists

Sporting experts from the leading spread firms take different views of the England team’s prospects, writes Huw Richards

Big problems for small print

Matthew Vincent finds that the fine detail of spread betting contracts has been thrown into doubt by a court ruling