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Demand for spread betting has remained buoyant but investors shy away from short selling

Overview: Investors prefer to bank on the long game

While more people are turning to spread betting and contracts for difference, they will not short sell, says Matthew Vincent

Financial crisis: Caution urged over volatile Europe

Tanya Powley looks at the risks in trading debt markets

Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly

Novelty betting: Fervour for ITV’s X-Factor puts BBC’s Strictly in shade

The talent show may be losing the ratings war but Sean Smith finds punters still adore it

Gold prices: Yellow metal was a surprise casualty

The shiny stuff is not a one-way bet, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Risk reduction: Diversifying assets is not as easy as it was

It is still sensible for clients to broaden their short-term bets, reports Elaine Moore

Currencies: Interest in forex increases

Foreign exchange trading has surged in popularity in recent years as spread betters take advantage of fast-moving currency markets, says Tanya Powley

Barack Obama

US elections: Eyes turn to Iowa as presidential race begins

A good Republican contest is crucial for business, writes Huw Richards

Black-box systems: Software subtracts the passion

Stripping out emotions can cut losses, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Inflation: How to profit from rising prices

Investors can speculate on whether the CPI will go up or down, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Sport: American football touches down in UK

Betting firms are hoping that the NFL has learnt from the mistakes of the past, writes Sean Smith

Sport: Eventful cricket gives markets a bounce

Punters are looking forward to England’s new year test series against Pakistan in the Gulf, writes Huw Edwards