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In search of the clever country

In search of the clever country

Reform not political imperative will help boost Russia’s place in the global economy

Spy who came in from the cold sees future in biotechnology

Science and enterprise can save lives, says Anna Chapman

Retail: Baby boom is a windfall for children’s products

Russia’s leading toys and games seller is so sure of its future that it is to make its own branded goods

Foreign trade: now Russia is in the WTO, will it obey the rules?

After taking 18 years to join, the reality of liberalisation is biting

man welding inside a pipe

Oil and gas: Gazprom looks east to restore fortunes as US shale gas booms

The state monopoly is taking a gamble on Siberian pipeline

Stock market: Not everyone is a winner in the big takeover

Equity investors are still showing caution

Economy: Fall in growth stirs debate over policy

Business waits for direction

Privatisation: Mixed messages as government seems divided over programme

Despite sales of state assets the Kremlin is solidifying control in key sectors

Dotcom investment: Internet start-ups are profitable but still constrained by markets

Investors can find it hard to put money in and take it out

China trade: An uneasy embrace

Sino-Russian trade has been hampered by suspicion on both sides but frosty relations are beginning to thaw

Russian rail freight proves a worthy investment

Private players now control 80% of the Russian rail freight market