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In the short space of two years, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru – the founder members of the bloc – have forged ahead in establishing an impressive trading partnership which has its eyes on closer political links. This report explores the alliance’s present and future.

Pacific Alliance takes pragmatic approach

The economic initiative has made big strides towards integration despite obstacles of geography, politics and infrastructure

Mexican powerhouse looks to southern ties

Membership may shift geopolitical perceptions of focus chiefly inclined towards US and Canada

Politics acts as driving force for Mercosur

Conflicting priorities hamper group

Bloc opens doors for region’s businesses

Positive steps in co-operation are being made in Latin America

Barbara Kotschwar

Pacific Pumas capture spirit of times in ‘mega’ trade agreements era

The gang of four is making waves

Electric interconnection hints at added spark

Increased power links will foster integration

Alliance founders seek closer political ties

Colombia’s president says that the path of partnership reaches beyond commercial arrangements

Opinion: Partners set sights on more than marketing

Pact members have enjoyed strong macroeconomic performance