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There appears to be no shortage of worries for American investors in 2016. Recent market turmoil helps to explain why half the advisers on the previous year’s FT400 failed to make the 2016 list

Market turmoil adds to adviser difficulties

Illustration for FT 400 Top Financial Advisers March 2016 special report, by Neil Leslie
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Only half the advisers on the 2015 list return this year

Ranking table

The leading US professionals, listed by state

How to avoid the wrong financial adviser

Free databases and internet searches are essential tools to secure best advice

Time to woo the online followers

Social media offer means to attract clients

Illustration for FT 400 Top Financial Advisers March 2016 special report, by Neil Leslie
©Neil Leslie

Frosty reception for robo-advisers

Few advisers are using the programs, but some can see their future potential

Spouses and taxes — the wealthy need advice on it all

The very rich have some specific needs

Bond yields confound forecasters

The bull run might not quite be over yet

Todd Feltz

Profile: Todd Feltz

Home-grown research helps deliver consistency in how clients’ money is managed across a large team

Ethical funds see jump in investment inflows

Investors are beginning to feel reassured about returns

One size does not fit all in hunt for alternatives

Non-traditional investments can suit wealthy investors

Kerry Knox: minor league pitcher

Kerry Knox — Baseball veteran is top of the league

Former sports pro is the FT400’s fastest growing adviser by assets for the year

Women remain in tiny minority at the top

More female advisers could help attract more business


How the 2016 list of the top financial advisers was compiled


Complexity adds weight to businesses

Fewer than three-quarters of 2014’s listings feature again this year

FT 400 listing

America’s top financial advisers, listed alphabetically by state

Is cheap oil good for investors?

Advisers are divided over how to position client portfolios

Time to cater for Generation Y

Focus has shifted away from older clients with sizeable assets

Young advisers offer continuity in a shrinking industry

It is crucial for firms to develop fresh talent


How the 2015 list of the top financial advisers was compiled

Key trends scrutinised as US braces for lower growth

Wage stagnation and headwinds abroad will take their toll

Smart beta gains both devotees and doubters

Sceptics waiting for longer performance records before committing

Search is on for volatility as flows slow

Advisers remain divided on their investment benefits

Focus on cyber security by regulators

The SEC and Finra have announced they will scrutinise firms’ systems this year

Fixed income bargains become harder to find

Financial advisers expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates later this year

Financial advisers turning to social media

Sites are turning out to be rich sources of new business

Investors gravitate to core/satellite portfolios

Private investors are emulating institutions by adding alternative assets to long-term equity and bond holdings