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Visitors to this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos face a changing environment, one that is more hostile to the forces of globalisation they seem to represent than ever before

Political upheaval casts cloud over Davos

Political context for annual WEF meeting will be set by Donald Trump’s inauguration

Chiefs take long-term view over short-term profit

Some businesses are trying to reinvent the traditional model

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Populism will not lead to a better world

Those calling for change should be careful what they wish for, writes Martin Wolf

Fate of free trade depends on the whims of Donald Trump

The US president-elect has bought into the idea that the global economy is a zero-sum game

DETROIT, MI- JULY 28: Young paint can artists flock to the abandoned Packard auto plant in Detroit. Though an eyesore to many, the place has become an unofficial artists haven in recent years. The Detroit housing market faces changes as it tries to recover. Though there's still thousands of abandoned homes and businesses, there's been a rise in the sale of higher-end homes. There's also been a bit of a resurgence in the Downtown area. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
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Economies need to heed wrath of the ‘left behind’

Almost all countries are failing to improve growth rates

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Life-long learning will be crucial in the AI era

Changing education essential to achieve the best from the new industrial revolution

Chiefs hold back on smart factories after backlash

Half of executives surveyed fear new technologies will fuel distrust

Beaten politicians seek new path

The centre-left in the US and the UK is struggling to oppose the populist tide

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Uncertain times call for moral leadership

It is time to reassert our values of decent treatment for all

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Healthcare: six big policy areas to watch

Tremors from political shake-ups in 2016 will be felt beyond country borders


Brave new era needs new ethics

Advances in technology pose difficult moral questions for humanity — and it is not clear who is responsible for providing answers

Seven ways technology has changed us

The internet and mobile phones have failed to generate an upturn in the growth of productivity

Bionic advances to defeat death

Ambitious scientists are trying to extend human life expectancy indefinitely

Intelligent robots raise concerns over jobs

Some roles may disappear, but over the long term technology does not get rid of work

Driverless decisions over life and death

Automakers are approaching the race to automated vehicles with caution

Silicon Valley uneasy after Snowden leaks

Western intelligence agencies worry that encryption will make the internet ‘go dark’

Why it is hard to teach robots to choose well

Will we ever be comfortable with machines making moral choices for us?

Blockchain raises fundamental questions

Banking and law will be fundamentally changed if shared ledger technology takes off

Donor DNA helps cure hereditary conditions

Mitochondrial DNA therapy is set to be offered in the UK in 2016

How social media is changing politics

Money and manpower are increasingly being used to influence online debates

Naive entrepreneurs at risk of losing out to venture capitalists

Tech start-up financing is often structured to protect the investors, not founders

EU removes carrot but keeps stick in data laws

EU and US are at odds over who controls the internet

Camera drones and cow fitness trackers help drive farm yields

Smallholders could benefit from precision technologies — if they can get access to them