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Trends urge need to put prevention before cure

Trends urge need to focus on prevention

Funding for a mix of behavioural science with checks on the food industry and promotion of healthier lifestyles is crucial

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Tuberculosis has failed to capture imaginations in the same way as HIV
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Progress runs alongside fear that an infectious disease claiming 660,000 lives a year is slipping off the agenda

Employer programmes: Workforce incentives attract only limited uptake

Financial carrots and sticks pose risks

Smoking: Plain packaging war smoulders

Developing world will stage real battle

Funding: Race is on for ways to save both money and the sick

The watchword is ‘value’ as countries seek to sustain universal coverage without risking financial stability

Innovation: Pharmaceutical groups become victims of their own success

R&D struggles to meet requirements

Attention turns to softer ways of dealing with addiction

Nothing else comes close as a leading cause of preventable disease

Home-based care: Demand climbs for care of ageing population outside hospital

A look at an industry growing at 5% a year in the US

India: ‘Weak system’ threatens development

Glaring needs have spurred the state and others to try to fill the gap

Factory-style focus in the US calls for change in behaviour

Obstacles found in the way of a team-based concept of care

Nicholas Timmins
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Nicholas Timmins: Jewel in the crown requires resetting for the 21st century

The NHS remains relatively cheap with excellent cost control but its sustainability for the future is the big question