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Better treatment, technology, data and innovation are changing the global life-saving landscape for the better but, as life expectancy increases, so do costs

Longer lives mean more diseases of old age and rising costs

Increasing longevity combined with lifestyle conditions such as obesity are raising costs and forcing a policy rethink

Time will come when electronic health records turn into web apps

Digital files can do more than store patients’ history

Cult of the individual gives way to collaboration

Clinical egos have to take a back seat

Ziqitza, one of India’s biggest ambulance outfits

Social businesses need patience and money

Finding and retaining the right staff is difficult, while local superstitions can make the job even harder

A way to save money and spare patients

Co-ordinated care is the way forward

Dr Suresh Kumar

Dr Suresh Kumar: ‘Death is part of the natural order of things’

Pioneering approach eases suffering where a cure is not possible

Pharmaceutical companies try to clean up their act

The aim is to reduce toxicity and waste in manufacturing

pensioner at home
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End-of-life care training lags behind ageing populations

Dealing with death: gap between provision and those in need is huge

Vivek Kundra

Technology sees rise of the ‘expert patient’

Using big data to mobilise consumer knowledge can reduce costs and improve outcomes

(from left) Toby Cosgrove, Sir Andrew Dillon, Michael Dixon, Shuaib Siddiqui

Commentary on the healthcare sector

Four leading health professionals take stock, plot trends and find solutions