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Hunt for fresh developments in eco-efficiency has led to sharing of knowhow across a range of industries

Clean tech innovation moves into mainstream

Hunt for fresh developments in eco-efficiency has led to sharing of knowhow across a range of industries

Foam made with recycled CO2
©Bayer MaterialScience AG

Chemicals: Science views waste in role as raw material of the future

The industry sees sustainability as a strategic objective

Waste: Precious metal shines light on recycling

Compelling case for investing in costly processes

Batteries: Novel means aid energy storage potential

Fresh techniques will help ensure reliable power supplies

Carbon capture: Move to control pollution stuck in the starting gate

Progress has been slow, especially when it comes to installing equipment at coal-fired power plants

Fear of water shortages provides incentive to refine processes

Investment in a basic natural resource will benefit us all

Analytics: Fragments of information come together to give the big picture

The right algorithms are needed to exploit the data to produce the right decisions

children in Christchurch, New Zealand, use a water sensor as part of the Sensing City pilot project

Urban management: Citizens use intelligence to live better

Building smart cities means utilising and maintaining their strategic assets and infrastructure to make them better places to live

Incubators: Start-ups enjoy benefit of proximity

Sharing premises with similar companies provides support

Venture capital: Corporate investors will reap long-term rewards

Expertise is required to make the best of a specialist sector


Stronger political will is needed to meet goals

Governments, businesses and NGOs have to collaborate if they are to reverse the world’s environmental problems, says Sarah Murray

Cement: Matching up companies is a move to a world without waste

One company’s refuse is another’s raw material, writes Sarah Murray

Incubators: Put heads together for clean thinking

Sarah Murray finds sectors joining forces to drive innovation

Recycling: The best things will come in smaller packages

Reducing, improving and reusing material provides benefits for producer and buyer, says Jane Bird

China focus: Beijing mounts push for increased energy from renewables

Developing more power sources is a strategic goal, reports Leslie Hook

Collaboration: Sharing skills enhances likelihood of success

Joint initiatives bring benefits, says Mark Wembridge

Innovation: Fresh eyes may resolve dilemmas

Business and NGOs harness the power of networking to find expert help, writes Sarah Murray

Electronics: Company on the track of an answer to e-waste riddle

There is economic value in sorting out the problem, asks Sarah Murray

Energy: Carbon capture is an opportunity ripe for exploitation

The processes work but official incentives are few, reports Ed Crooks

Latin America: Continent leads the way on resources and environment

The region can go direct to developing clean energy, says Sarah Murray