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More policy levers need to be introduced before a broader swathe of industry can be persuaded to embrace clean technologies

Search for growth hits progress on environment

Business has seized the initiative from policy makers in moving to low-carbon economies and conservation

Talent is drawn to cities that offer fresh air and open space

Municipalities are benefiting from clean initiatives

Ethical sales recover but price is still driving force

Shoppers will pay extra for added benefits

UN joins mission to balance investment goals

Timescale mismatch presents a challenge

Delays to Brazil’s forest code add to farmers’ anxiety

Implementation of a new law is essential

Juggernaut of Chinese state control keeps focus on heavy industry

Efforts to launch low-carbon initiatives continue to be sidelined by the relentless pursuit of economic growth

Jon Williams

Well-run companies tend to perform better in environmental terms

Initiatives with the best results tend to involve energy and resource efficiency

Philips’ Pay-per-Lux

Repurposing shows potential for high added value

Redesigning processes rather than simply cutting waste is a challenging but potentially lucrative business

Sir Ian Cheshire
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Collaboration is a key ingredient in winning the circular argument

Groups need to understand how to gain advantage from alternative ways of doing business, says Sir Ian Cheshire