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The region has not made the most of what should have been a rosy period

Boom clouded by uncertainty

The region has not made the most of what should have been a rosy period

South Africa gold: New thinking required to reverse decline

Andrew England on efforts to boost output in what was once the world’s top producer

Zimbabwe: Imperatives of power and politics

Tony Hawkins on the constraints in the way of continued recovery

Beira port

Infrastructure: Revamped transport links to plug in the world

William MacNamara reports on investment plans for the lifeblood of the industry

child worker in the rich mining province of Katanga

DRC: Land of wasted opportunity slips further

Katrina Manson looks at the reasons miners queue up to do business in a difficult country

Lonmin smelter

Platinum: Sector squeezed by falling prices and rising costs

Returns continue to shrink, reports William MacNamara


Tanzanite: Producer looks east for brighter prospects

Katrina Manson looks at the ups and downs of a unique gemstone

Gold: Overtaking tourism as Tanzania’s biggest foreign exchange earner

But thriving exports have not done much for the locals, writes Katrina Manson

Activists march in Lagos to protest the removal of petroleum subsidies

Nationalism: States move to avert uprisings

Tony Hawkins reports on lasting changes to the miners’ landscape

Guest column: Peter Leon

Despite its association with colonialism and apartheid, mining is the mainstay of the economy