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Although President Park remains relatively popular, South Korea and its squabbling politicians are under pressure to overhaul the economic model that generated the chaebol-led growth miracle

S Korea searches soul after ferry disaster

Nation seeks overhaul of economy and corporate life after scandals expose limitations of development led by state-backed businesses


FT World: video game
South Koreans are to esports what Brazilians are to football
Simon Mundy weighs the pros and cons of Seoul’s corporate model

Chaebol-led growth model hits limits

Big manufacturing-driven conglomerates lose ground to Chinese competitors

Interactive: S Korea’s manufacturing giants

Explore the complex web of corporate ownership in the country

Government fosters tech entrepreneurs

Startups take advantage of wave of government and venture funding to encourage creative industries

K-Pop boosts AmorePacific sales to Chinese

South Korea’s biggest beauty company is riding high on booming Chinese demand

S Korea struggles to meet climate pledges

Environmentalists sceptical of president’s commitment after changes to ‘green growth’ agenda

Disaster shames operator and politicians

Public loses patience with squabbling parliamentarians and revelations of corporate malfeasance

Kim under pressure to progress on economy

North Korean leader works to shore up position at home and pave way for US talks

2013 report

South Korea sees technology as key to rejuvenation

As big manufacturers’ contribution falls, the emphasis is on innovation and start-ups to boost growth

Seoul urged to step back to let banking sector flourish

Interference by the government has been deterring foreign investors

South Korea: president scores higher abroad than at home

Generous promises of Park Geun-hye’s government prove difficult to keep

South Korean conglomerates head to foreign parts

The official shift of focus from corporations to small businesses will take a while to bear fruit

Rapprochement with Pyongyang remains elusive

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un seems to combine sabre-rattling with talk of social reform

South Korea is at an economic crossroads

Jun Kwang-Woo offers a prescription for the country joining the premier league

Games, films and comics exports enjoy growing acclaim

‘Hallyu’ is a boon for South Korea’s slowing economy

South Korean mobile messenger app expands reach into Asia

Kakao Corp introduces the ‘mobile big bang’

Education in South Korea: system must change to satisfy country’s and pupils’ needs

Rote learning and cramming are no longer enough in a competitive world