South Africa & the Green Economy

In this issue

Karoo shale gas resource has ignited both world interest and legal action by game farmers

Overview: Effort to wean country off coal

A look at the arguments in favour of alternatives to cheap, plentiful hydrocarbons

Steve Lennon: Eager to shake off image of addiction to fossil fuels

Andrew England talks to the state utility’s climate change executive

The private sector: Slow progress in attracting independents

Siseko Njobeni explains why Eskom has been in the line of fire

Fracking: Karoo shale beds spark debate

Sue Blaine reports on the differences over whether to exploit vast supplies of gas

Gas: Quick but expensive fix to power shortages

The fuel finds it difficult to compete with the country’s cheap and abundant coal

Nuclear: Part of the solution – or the problem?

Commitment to atomic energy is confirmed in a R400bn project, reports Siseko Njobeni

Fazel Moosa: Government on track to turn renewable targets into reality

The challenge is to implement more expensive power production without burdening consumers and slowing growth

Wind: Local communities benefit from turbine projects

Simon Mundy discovers initiatives that take advantage of natural resources

Bioenergy: Food security proves a worry

Sarah Wild says the lack of a coherent strategy is hobbling the sector

The heat is on: Proposed solar power site could be the biggest in the world

The ferocity of the Northern Cape’s climate has given it a potentially lucrative status as the focal point for solar power, reports Simon Mundy