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Telecoms companies, retailers and breweries have been blazing the investment trail

Opportunity beckons north of the Limpopo

Telecoms companies, retailers and breweries have been blazing the investment trail, say William Wallis and Andrew England

Mining: Strikes provide a new aspect to risks elsewhere

Houses were reducing their exposure even before the unrest, writes Andrew England

CFC Stanbic's new branch in Juba

Financial expansion: Banks follow the money in pursuit of new markets

The continent is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, writes Andrew England

Elias Masilela, Public Investment Corporation chief executive

Social infrastructure: Pensions chief aims to build up trust beyond the border

Fund seeks wider investments, says Andrew England

Foreign relations: Continental policy pulled in different directions

Pretoria has championed some unlikely causes, putting it at loggerheads with other regional states, says William Wallis

Woolworths, the clothes shop, in Lagos

Nigeria: Love-hate relationship provides good prospects in two countries

Xan Rice on the expansion of groups from the south in the continent’s biggest market

Retail: Profit and loss in virgin terrain

When infrastructure is limited, there is opportunity, reports Andrew England

Breweries: Refreshing parts that others have not reached

Katrina Manson on the adventure by SABMiller in the continent’s newest nation

Stock exchange: JSE plan viewed with caution

Ambition unfulfilled but undeterred, say Andrew England and William Wallis

Telecoms: Steady march to risky destinations

Duncan McLeod reports on mobile phone companies’ ventures abroad