South Africa

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- The economy: poor performance has been blamed on events elsewhere but internal dynamics have also been at play

- Poor education is seen as a main reason for unemployment

Overview: Politics starts to unsettle investors

The country has a reputation as the continent’s powerhouse

Politics: Power struggles blight the ANC

Andrew England on a sense of crisis in the ruling party

New customers: Lessons on saving when you go to the shop

Andrew England reports on efforts to do business in rural parts of the country

Banking: Set to escape the worst of the fallout

Simon Mundy reports on a sector that is sure of its management and prudence

The economy: ‘Strike season’ puts pressure on performance

The investment climate has been damaged by policy uncertainty, says Andrew England

class of 10-year-olds

Education: A system that fails the young

Simon Mundy looks at schools that are failing the country’s young

Mission employable: Opportunity knocks

The Community Work Programme focuses on work that benefits poor communities including delivering drugs to HIV/Aids sufferers, writes Simon Mundy

Guest column: Campaign against ‘secrecy bill’ wins concessions

Opponents of the Protection of Information Bill have been chipping away at its most pernicious aspects, writes Mondli Makhanya

Mining: Bottlenecks threaten commodities prospects

Talk of nationalisation is not the only problem the sector is facing, says Andrew England

Russell Loubser

Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Aiming to build on success

Jeremy Grant talks to Russell Loubser, the JSE’s chief executive

Gateway to Africa: Investment springboard found to have flaws

Simon Mundy on the pros and cons of being there