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Satellite communications has been one of the most stable growth businesses in media and communications, but analysts are wary about trends in developed markets

Rising demands push industry to new heights

Strong growth but some wariness about future trends, writes Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Cluster of new entrants transforms the sector

Recent debutants are confident of success, writes Georgina Elrington

Key role in improved weather forecasting

Meteorologists are receiving more and better data, writes Clive Cookson

Lucrative opportunities in emerging markets

Chances to prosper in TV and broadband, writes Maija Palmer

Challenges ahead in US market

New trends hold risks for satellite operators, writes Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Money-making challenge at sea and in air

Operators have drifted away from the mass-market, writes Robert Wright

Record of success is vital in launch business

Balancing act of cost and risk for customers, writes Robert Wright

‘Space isle’ scores satellite success

Operators are attracted to low-tax location of Isle of Man, writes Andrew Bounds