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Although many in the insurance industry think that it is behind other sectors when it comes to technology, new systems are already beginning to have a big impact

Insurers plug in to domestic technology

Underwriters are improving analysis of the data they collect from customers’ homes

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Evolving terror forces insurers to adapt

Sporadic assaults and cyber attacks are becoming more common

Flood Re provides lifeboat for victims

New industry scheme hopes to make itself obsolete within 25 years

Big data analysis to transform insurance

Insurers are encouraging customers to provide them with more information

Australia counts cost of climate change

Damage from natural disasters is expected to double by 2030

Earthquakes rattle Oklahoma’s frackers

The courts are yet to decide who is liable for damage caused by increased ground tremors

Cuba must change for insurance to thrive

Restrictions on vehicle and property ownership have inhibited the creation of a competitive market

Financial institutions risk

Insurers split over Solvency II

After over a decade in the making, EU-wide rules are here

Gabriel Bernardino, Eiopa
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Reform remains work in progress

Gabriel Bernardino, Europe’s top insurance supervisor, discusses next steps for policing the industry

Solvency II timeline

The pan-European regulation has faced several setbacks and delays over the years

Star fund manager dependency risk fades

Past celebrity defections have led to damaging outflows

Basel IV looms for battle-worn bankers

The industry is still adjusting to Basel III capital rules

Spain’s biggest banks diversify globally

Santander and BBVA have benefited from their pre-crash investments in other markets

Why politicians regulate risky behaviour

Conduct risk enforcement has become very profitable for governments

Finance companies confront people risk

Staff may rarely comply to standard models of risk and compliance

Systems creak under regulatory pressure

Banks and insurers often have a patchwork of old internal systems

People risk

To err is human but can bring catastrophe

Fat fingers, fraud and sometimes fists are common factors in corporate disaster

When top talent becomes the problem

Handling star performers can prove to be a minefield for managers

Bankers on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Support for finance employees and the wider workforce is still patchy

Gates warns over risk of pandemic precipice

The world is less prepared for disruptions caused by illness and disease than war

Bardic lessons on tragic succession planning

Clear processes for nurturing and selecting leadership talent can pay dividends

Tesco culture of over-reaching caused crisis

Hubris of never-ending ‘can-do-it-better’ attitude helped lead to overstatement shock

Regulatory pressure exposes directors to risk

Employers’ willingness to launch probes to head off fines is creating holes in insurance cover

How to guard against ‘known’ unknowns

Diversity of thought among board members is essential to achieving company success

Political risk

Conflicts will become the new norm

The business danger is that analysis of threats can beget paralysis

Investors prepare for return to Iran

The end of sanctions is set to prompt a scramble to do business in the country

Investing in sovereign debt markets

A broad grasp of political, macroeconomic and market dangers is key

Markets strain to price in historic shocks

Investors continue to fail in factoring the probability and scale of catastrophes

Geopolitical perils drive insurance demand

Single-risk protection of about $2bn is now available to companies seeking cover

Middle East conflicts confound outsiders

Risk, even in the war-torn region, is also opportunity

‘Little England’ risks under scrutiny

Economists ponder prospect of UK fracture from Scotland and EU


Industry faces up climate change losses

Sharing data is vital for countering extreme weather events

Wendy Peters, terrorism insurance pioneer

It is vital to keep a cool head and a steady nerve in a dicey business

Organisations act to outwit terrorism

Developers and architects are adopting a range of precautions to protect buildings

The internet of vulnerable things

Cyber security breaches in an increasingly connected world could be catastrophic for infrastructure

California prepares for the next ‘big one’

The odds of the state experiencing a massive tremor have increased

Japan to impose tougher building standards

Rules being tightened to improve resistance to shocks

Scientists begin to get ahead of the weather

New techniques are allowing more accurate storm forecasting

Flood waters continue to exact a heavy toll

Many governments are failing to think long-term and invest in defences

Flood Re scheme draws criticism and praise

The UK fund will extend affordable cover to those properties at highest risk