Property & Security

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- Management: the culture of a company is crucial in preventing losses
- Key man insurance: simple measures can cover the loss
of mission-critical staff

The key is to ensure you have back-up

To avoid being snared by the unexpected, companies must be ruthless in rooting out weak links, reports Paul J Davies

Protesters in Libya

Terrorism: source of next attacks defies easy prediction

Regime change has many secondary effects, writes Anousha Sakoui

A man wading through a flood in Thailand

Management: the limits of insurance in preventing large losses

Paul J. Davies explains why the culture of a company is important

Facade of a Marks & Spencer store

Data security: breaches can result in huge costs

Andrea Felsted looks at the risks of information theft

Personal View: Pascal may have had the correct approach

The French mathematician and philosopher’s theological wager is perhaps the ultimate insurance policy, writes Paul J. Davies

Guest column: progress in understanding frequency of earthquakes

There is an underlying episodic global physical process triggering these episodes, but the precise mechanism remains unknown, writes Robert Muir-Wood

A man monitoring information at a data centre

Property: how to keep the criminals at bay

Ed Hammond looks at ways to protect businesses

Key man insurance: steps to secure against the loss of mission-critical staff

Andrea Felsted shows how companies can take simple measures to stay in business

A Somali patrol man

Kidnap and piracy: ransom demands reflect rapidly spreading unrest

Pirates and criminal gangs are looking beyond goods, says Anousha Sakoui

A montage on insurance policy

Directors’ cover: ‘Darcstar’ is one weapon to fight personal threats

Company officers, increasingly targeted by regulators and others, might usefully look to their cover against liabilities, writes Alistair Gray