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Insurers have grown nervous about providing key types of cover to big banks. Hedge funds appear more cautious, cyber crime rampant, regulatory pressure on the banks growing and there is a new breed of watchdog in the short sellers’ world. For this and other themes, read on:

Scandals leave insurers wary of providing cover to banks

In many cases lenders are choosing not to buy policies


Cyber crime thrives on cost-cutting

Digitisation and consumer demands for more efficient banking heighten the threat

Short selling’s new sultans wield the sword

A new breed of analyst is cutting a swath through the old research hierarchy

Predictability now trumps excitement

With their eye on lower volatility, institutional investors appear willing to target lower returns

Stephanie Flanders

Passive funds’ rise heightens fear of shock

Trackers gain as investors ditch active managers

Regulators push on capital ratio flexibility

Bank watchdogs appear keen on the letter of the law

Transactions cover gains with M&A pick up

Insurance can aid completion of tricky discussions

Mediobanca asset sales help it fight on

The once secretive Milanese bank has been transformed

Clever LeapFrog keeps one jump ahead

With social business in emerging markets, the best due diligence may not end when a deal is signed

Lisbon maintains degree of balance

Portugal’s crisis appears to have been well contained compared with some peripheral eurozone countries