Political risk

A range of problems ranging from bloody chaos in Syria and Iraq to secessionist strains in Europe are making the world a more unpredictable and dangerous place. FT writers argue the world’s political and business leaders must work harder than ever to understand both the risks and opportunities of the emerging new world order.

Conflicts will become the new norm

The business danger is that analysis of threats can beget paralysis

Investors prepare for return to Iran

The end of sanctions is set to prompt a scramble to do business in the country

Investing in sovereign debt markets

A grasp of political, macroeconomic and market risks can reap rewards

Markets strain to price in historic shocks

How to calculate the likelihood and scale of catastrophes remains problematic

Geopolitical perils drive insurance demand

Single-risk protection of about $2bn is now available to companies seeking cover

Middle East conflicts confound outsiders

Risk, even in the war-torn region, is also opportunity

‘Little England’ risks under scrutiny

Economists ponder prospect of UK fracture from Scotland and EU


Industry faces up climate change losses

Sharing data is vital for countering extreme weather events

Wendy Peters speaking on terrorism insurance
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Wendy Peters, terrorism insurance pioneer

It is vital to keep a cool head and a steady nerve in a dicey business

Julian Enoizi, chief executive of Pool Re

Organisations act to outwit terrorism

Developers and architects are adopting a range of precautions to protect buildings

The internet of vulnerable things

Cyber security breaches in an increasingly connected world could be catastrophic for infrastructure

California prepares for the next ‘big one’

The odds of the state experiencing a massive tremor have increased

Japan to impose tougher building standards

Rules being tightened to improve resistance to shocks

Scientists begin to get ahead of the weather

New techniques are allowing more accurate storm forecasting

Flood waters continue to exact a heavy toll

Many governments are failing to think long-term and invest in defences

Flood Re scheme draws criticism and praise

The UK fund will extend affordable cover to those properties at highest risk