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When it comes to geopolitics, the tools that companies typically employ to assess and manage risks have serious limitations

Politics are often the most unpredictable element

A late surge for the Yes campaign in the Scottish referendum caused panic

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Lehman Brothers UK Business Placed Into Administration...LONDON - SEPTEMBER 15: Men leave Lehman Brothers' Canary Wharf office on September 15, 2008 in London, England. The fourth largest American investment bank has announced that it's filing for bankruptcy protection during a growing financial crisis. (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images) ©Getty
Examine how businesses face a broad array of pressures and the ways in which risk management has become increasingly important.

Cheap capital lowers cost of terrorism insurance

The industry could find itself exposed to huge claims, as it was after September 11

Conflict demands a strategy for an uncertain world

Desire to keep one step ahead has created a political risk industry

Banks increase efforts to stay on right side of law

The imposition of swingeing penalties has led to a much greater spend on compliance teams

Foreign investors need to step up to a newly demanding, emerging region

Anti-corruption, antitrust and environmental policies in Latin America are increasingly coming under the microscope

UK could find itself tied to EU rules but with no say

The prospect of a referendum on leaving the trade bloc creates business uncertainty

Guest column: Mina Toksoz

Always look on the dark side of life

exploratory oil-drilling expedition into the Kara Sea

Don’t take sides and have a plan for every contingency

Nerves of steel and taking the long view are useful attributes of energy groups

Hedge funds move from the margins into the mainstream

Assumptions about risk reduction need a rethink