World Retailing


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What makes a good chief executive for the sector? An important part of the job is the ability to close stores in recession

Overview: A contest to fulfil consumers’ aspirations

How the sector is coping with shrinking economies and the rise of the internet

Supply chain: Inflation encourages trend to ‘near-source’ production

Manufacturing close to markets can cut transport and energy bills, says Andrea Felsted

Pedestrians pass a shop holding a closing down sale

Talent: Leaders must get connected

Chief executives should focus on customers and technology, writes Andrea Felsted

US: Too many shops, too few shoppers

The retail sector needs to contract and consolidate, writes Barney Jopson

Consumer: The most cash-strapped alter their buying behaviour

Andrea Felsted finds shoppers are becoming more professional about bargain hunting

Online: The danger of ignoring customer complaints

Companies need to take social media seriously, says Claer Barrett

Groupon: Another weapon in the battle to shift stock

When it comes to managing excess stock and maximising cash flow, online promotion could have a growing role

Technology: Smarter software helps minimise discounting

Companies are improving point-of-sale analysis, says Claer Barrett

Guest column: Richard Hyman

Scale is no longer the potent force that it once was

China: The biggest market props up global sales

Many international groups fail to do proper research, says Louise Lucas

Emerging markets: Lessons from Walmart

Walmart’s international business is huge and growing. So it is an excellent prism to view the trials and tribulations foreign retailers face in emerging markets